Saturday, 15 March 2014

25 Really Random Facts About Me

Hello Everybody,
Today I thought I would share with you 25 really random facts about me, so you can get to know me better, because I feel that sometimes people just see bloggers as, well, bloggers, I guess. When we are all people and have our own personalities and stories to tell.
  1. I find trees really fascinating, but I'm not really sure why. I guess it's because they are all unique and look quite pretty.
  2. When I was younger I used to have a rather fond interest in Birds of Prey, and particularly the Barn Owl. My dad even took me night bird watching once at our local Bird Centre.
  3. I love cherry blossom trees, purely because they are pink. Oops! That was another tree fact.
  4. I really love the outdoors, and once I walked out of my friends house purely because I was sick of sitting indoors. Not a great thing to do to your friends and I will never live that moment down, but I do like a bit of air every now and again.
  5. I really don't like thunder and lightening, and never have done. When I was really young lightening struck the house opposite to me and the house caught on fire. It also broke our computer, but one of those old box ones.
  6. I used to suck my thumb up until about the age of ten. Then I needed quite a lot of dental work because of the habit and stopped.
  7. I bruise like a peach, literally, I have no idea where half of my bruises come from.
  8. I am seriously clumsy, for example I fell down from the top of my stairs all the way to the bottom twice in the space of two weeks earlier this year., yet I have never broken a bone because I bounce (I'm pretty sure of it).
  9. I love musicals, and I think Grease has got to be my favourite.
  10. I am 5"8 and a half inches tall, which makes me the tallest out of all of my friends, but the smallest out of my family. Both of my parents are 5"11 and my brother is 6".
  11. I have a twin brother and I am 1 minute older than him, although I don't think he likes me reminding people of that.
  12. The most stupid question my brother and I get asked is, "Are you identical?". Firstly, we don't even look like each other, and secondly, he is a boy and I am a girl, which means we cannot be identical.
  13. I love cupcakes, I even have a cupcake money jar and a cupcake door stop.
  14. I also really love doughnuts, jam and sugar, icing and sprinkles, krispy kreme, you name it, I love it.
  15. I have never read the hunger games, or seen the movies, and still do not intend to, they simply do not appeal to me.
  16. My favourite place in England has got to be Morecambe Bay, something about the place is so peaceful and relaxing. Gosh, I just love it there. Well, I just love the seaside. But, Morecambe in particular.
  17.  For A level I am going to be studying, business studies, finance, economics and food technology.
  18. I love food, and there isn't much I don't like, except I do not eat creme eggs, because they creep me out quite a lot, yet I am not sure why.
  19. I love shopping, need I say more.
  20. My middle name is Victoria, and it is after my Grandad's middle name, which was Victor.
  21. I am a terrible dancer, yet I think I can drop some pretty good moves at discos, which would most probably mortify the people I am with.
  22. I am quite a bubbly person, and I'm pretty sure my friends see me as a bit of a public embarrassment.
  23. I am the world's biggest fidget, I cannot stay still, and when I have have to sit still for a prolonged amount of time I get really jittery. I'm sure people get really annoyed because of it.
  24. I have really weird dreams. When I was younger I used to have night terrors, and often have nightmares, but now my dreams mainly consist of strange things. For example, a few weeks ago I dreamt about being a stunt pilot. I also occasionally sleep walk.
  25. I like to think I am a rather nifty chopstick user, but I'm probably not any better than anyone else.
I hope you enjoyed these 25 random facts about me.
EmilyBelleBlogs x