Thursday, 20 March 2014

It's a scout life- Survival camp

Hello Everybody,
Some of you may know that I am an Explorer scout, which means that as well as being a super girly girl I am also willing to take the makeup off and be a bit more adventurous. In fact, sometimes I think that without scouts I would be the worlds biggest whimp and also a fairly boring person.
Aren't these lanterns cute?

The fire I made for the rest of the camp.

A view of some of the campsite.

A cute kettle on a groovy oven thingymabob.

The hammock we made using our awesome pioneering skills. We slept in it.
Last weekend I went on a survival camp with my Explorers, and I will have to admit, I wasn't sure whether I'd enjoy it to start with, but I in fact had an awesome weekend. Also, because I did go, it means I will live with no regrets now.
The weekend started with us making camp. Which included digging a hole for our fire, making our hammock to sleep in with some special scouting knots and creating shelter around our camp to keep the wind out and give us more privacy. Our little camp area was so cute and lovely, and had the perfect social atmosphere.
After eating lunch, which for me consisted of a rather large pack of popcorn, I helped make the fire for us to cook our dinner on later.
We then spent a while chilling in our hammock, chatting and just relaxing. After a few hours of this we had dinner which was jacket potatoes and bolognase made on the open fire and raspberry crumble made in the special oven thingys.
Afterwards we played wide games on the field and then sat around the campfire with a guitar until late.
The next morning I helped make the fry up over the open fire for the rest of the group and we spent the rest of the day making rope swings and zip wires with rope, whilst burning the rest of the wood and card on the fire.
After breaking camp and having our lunch we were all tired, but had such a great, relaxing but memorable camp. The weather was glorious and I have no regrets about going on camp at all.
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