Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Picture Day Tips

Hello Everybody,
I have absolutely no idea when everyone has their picture day, because every school does things differently, but I thought that I could do a post sharing a few of my tips because I had mine only a couple of weeks ago. This post isn't just for picture day of course, these tip will also be perfect for prom, or any other occasion when flash photography might be involved.
  1. Don't try anything too experimental with your hair and makeup on the morning of you picture. Trying a cat-eye flick on the morning of your picture and it all going wrong will stress you out. If you want to try something new, practice before the day.
  2. Teethy smiles please. Don't be shy about showing some teeth in your photos. Smiles that show a little bit of teeth look much more genuine and natural than a closed mouth grimace, which is clearly forced because nobody naturally smiles like that.
  3. Keep you hair our of your eyes, it looks odd in the picture, eyes should be the focal point of the picture.
Now for some makeup tips...
  1. Keep it natural, vampy lips and dark smokey eyes really do not look fit for a school picture, leave that look for a glamorous night out.
  2. Use an SPF free foundation. This is especially important for us pale girls, because SPF creates flashback, causing you to look even more white and washed out.
  3. Powder up... A matte face will also help avoid any awkward flashback. Also, avoid any shimmer, it really doesn't look the best in school pictures.
  4. Keep your cheeks light. The camera picks up colour better than you think, and an unnatural blush is really not the look you want to go for.
  5. Carry a mirror with you. You will so annoyed if the photo that is framed on the majority of your families wall, is you with lipstick on your teeth or an eyelash on your cheek.
Have you got any picture tips?
EmilyBelleBlogs x