Saturday, 8 March 2014

The Girl that Wears Glasses

Hello Everybody,
Something many of you will not know about me is that I am glasses and contact lens wearing. I've had to wear glasses all of the time since the age of four when they first discovered I had pretty bad astigmatism (meaning my eyeball wasn't the correct shape and everything was blurry). When I was younger my eyes were pretty bad, I had hospital check ups regularly, and had to be eye patched for a while because I had a terribly lazy eye.
I'm glad my opticians were so great back then though, because otherwise my eyes would be awful. Not to mention the amount of stick I'd get for having a lazy eye, and squint (slightly off centre eye).
Today's post is really about my experience with glasses and why I am confident wearing them, and also I will be throwing some make-up tips for glasses wearers in to the mix as well.
Firstly, it is important that if you are told by your optician that you need to wear glasses, please do. I'm sure that wearing glasses for the first time in your life is quite daunting, because it will make you look different, but being able to see is important. 
My glasses are by Osiris which are obviously designer, but luckily for me I get a lovely NHS voucher for money off because I am still in full time education. I'm sure when I do not qualify for this voucher I'd probably still pay for the nicer pairs, purely because I still want to look nice wearing my glasses.
I also wear contact lenses but because they cannot make my contacts to match my perscription, thus I only really wear them for hockey and special occasions. But, I am perfectly fine wearing glasses the majority of the time, purely because I've worn them for most of my life.
For make-up with my glasses on, I like to stick to something simple on the eyes and something a little bit brighter on my lips. I tend to wear nude eyeshadow, with some mascara and a thin line of eyeliner on my eyes with a nice fuchsia pink lip, so my eyes don't look too loud.
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