Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Easter Get Away- Day Two

Hello Everybody,
I have the second part of my Easter Get Away post here, and if you have seen the first one then clickety click the link here. Now you should know the drill, and that is that I will share with you a plethora *probably not that many* of pictures and then do a quick summary of the day at the bottom.
The Jackdaw, we ate our dinner here in the evening. It was in the film 'A Battle of Britain'

Random photo of a kissing gate *mwah*

"Hey look! A bench!"

A mansion house on the resort we stayed. I cannot remember what it is called but it is pretty.

"I think we're meant to follow the sign!"

"I found the ice-cream!" It was really yummy, and quite photogenic.

In the old Italian Gardens.

Also in the old Italian Gardens.

I wonder why the statue is headless?

My yummy duck meal at The Jackdaw.
 So the day consisted of first a nice big fry up made by my dad. It was very yummy. We then went on a family walk after having a quick drink at The Jackdaw. It was a lovely little walk and we even stopped to have an ice-cream. We then had a look around some old Italian gardens which were in fact old, falling apart, and the only plants that weren't dead were some rhubarb.
Afterwards we went to the swimming pool again and went for a little swim, and I went into the sauna for a little while. Then I we went back to The Jackdaw for dinner and it was so yummy. Once we got back to where we were staying we watched a movie and then went to bed.
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