Thursday, 3 April 2014

My Weekend in Pictures #2014bloggerchallenge

Hello Everybody,
Todays #2014bloggerchallenge was to take some pictures of a day/weekend/week, thus I decided to do a weekend picture diary for you, and follow up  each day with a short summary.
On Saturday my day consisted of revision, chilling and food. It was quite warm so I decided to wear a t-shirt tucked into some high-waisted shorts. I then went down town with my mum where I bought her a coffee and bought myself some nerds from Poundland *omnomnomnom*. Afterwards, I did some Science, Business and English literature revision. Once I had finished with my days fill of revision I chilled on my bed listening to music and scrolling through my instagram and twitter for a good couple of hours. After dinner my brother and I sat together in the living room and watching Ant and Dec's Saturday night takeaway whilst enjoying some yummy popcorn. Lastly, I went to my room to chill and catch up on my subscription box on youtube.
On Sunday it was mothers day, so Jake and I made our family a fry up *well, Jake warmed up the beans* for breakfast. Later on, we went into town and we all had a Chocolate Frappé from our local coffee shop. I was going to buy some makeup bits but Superdrug had ran out of all things for people with fair skin!! Once I got home I baked my family an Apple and Raspberry Lattice Pie (EmBakes post will be up next week) and my family and I then got a KFC for dinner.
I had a lovely day and I hope everybody else did too. I especially hope my mum was made to feel special enough on Sunday.
EmilyBelleBlogs x