Tuesday, 22 April 2014

NOTD- Essie Limo-scene

Hello Everybody,
After months of hunting, the perfect prom nail polish has been found, and I will continue to lust over it even after prom is over because boy is it a beauty.
Aha! Reading that sentence above makes me giggle, do I ever talk like that? Anyway, how was everyone's extra long Easter weekend? Mine was great, thanks for asking. Today though, rather than reviewing a generic Easter egg *wait, does anybody do that, because if they do I want to see it?* I thought I would give you a prom NOTD. Also, my prom isn't until after my exams which is the 26th June, but this is certainly the colour in which I will be wearing.
Okay, so... before I start reviewing this nifty nail polish I thought I should warn you that if my writing seems slightly delirious or it seems seemly craycray I apologise, but revising for a total of 10 hours in the last couple of days does things to you.
Any who, lets get on with this review... *Ha! That rhymes!* This is my first ever Essie nail polish and I am sure well impressed. It stayed on my nails with zilch chips for six days, and within that time I had washed a car, been swimming twice and many other activites that rarely do not cause some type of devastation to the perfectly princessy painted talons.
Limo-scene is a pink toned white colour, which is fairly translucent at first but with about three coats it is the most beautiful colour, and leaves your hands looking rather elegant and lady like. Which made me feel extra lovely, because my hands are sometimes a little bit unloved, as the avid cook I am.
 As you can see from the picture, I finished off the look with some cute little midi-rings. They're from primark if you are wondering, and they were only £1.50 and for that reason if I loose them it will not be so upsetting.
EmilyBelleBlogs x