Saturday, 19 April 2014

Tanya Burr Lipgloss- Picnic In the Park Review

Hello Everybody,
I hope you are all having a fabulous Easter weekend, because I certainly am. Also, lent ended yesterday, which means I can officially eat crisps *YAY!*. Although, I am going to try and still eat less crisps because I feel a lot healthier without them.
I was so excited when I head Tanya Burr was releasing her own Lips and Nails line so when they launched in Superdrug last week I jumped at the chance of getting one. I got Picnic In The Park because I thought it was the best suited to my colouring.
Picnic In the Park is a coral toned pink which is great for me, because I wear a lot of coral and pink, thus this goes with pretty much everything I wear. Also, although I do like dark lips, I try and avoid them in the summer months.
Tanya Burr's lipglosses have quite a creamy texture, which I quite like because I cannot stand sticky glosses. Also, the applicator in this gloss is so easy to use, so I can precisely apply this lipgloss without getting it all over my face *no I don't normally do that*.
My only moan about this lipgloss is that it makes my lips feel quite dry, but that is probably my own fault for losing my favourite lip balm *but we don't talk about that!*. Otherwise, this lipgloss is an amazeballs product and I will definitely be purchasing more when I actually have some money to spend.
PS: I have declared a spending ban for myself until the end of my exams.
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