Tuesday, 6 May 2014

April Favourites

Hello Everybody,
I have an April Favourites post for you today, aren't I good? Not missed a month so far this year. But, I have a confession... I may not do one next month as I have a diary chocablock full of exams.
This is going to seem like a really pants product this month, but I want this blog to be completely honest. Therefore, this is going to be completely honest favourite. This month I have been loving Nivea's Pearl Shine lip balm. Firstly because it is really moisturising, but also because it has a lovely nude pink sheen in it, which I think looks really lovely this spring.
My Hollister summer dress which is a lovely dress which floral crochet detailing around the middle. Spaghetti straps, and a coral colour that ombr├ęs into a darker orange, which is just such a happy summer colour.
This month I have been really loving Go Ahead Bars. They're really filling and perfect for a snack between meals. My favourite flavour is the yoghurt and raspberry one.
Probably, my favourite thing that happened this month was a sleepover I went on for my friend Louisa's party. It was such a laugh, and definitely worth the tiredness the next day after only an hour or so of dozing that night. Also, there was pizza involved so of course it was going to be awesome.
Well... I am really liking the song Hideaway by kiesza. I want her shoes sooooo bad!!
EmilyBelleBlogs x