Thursday, 15 May 2014

Herbal Essence Beautiful Ends #2014bloggerchallenge

Hehe!! Isn't funny that on Monday I made the point in saying that I wouldn't be blogging as much, which of course is true. But I do not want to fail the #2014bloggerchallenge, for which I am thoroughly enjoying, therefore I will be continuing with it. For this the topic was to talk about hair care, etc. 
To be honest, my hair care isn't anything special, although I do want to start looking after it more, I currently do not have the time *curse you exams!!*. With that being said, I will probably treat it more before my prom and during the summer holidays, when I have the time and money to do so. But, enough of me blabbering on about why my hair care is so atrociously lazy, and lets talk about my shampoo and conditioner.

For my shampoo and conditioner I use Herbal Essences beautiful ends shampoo and conditioner. This is supposed to fix damaged or split ends or prevent them from occurring. As, I use minimal heat on my hair and trim it every 12 weeks, split ends do not really effect me, but it is nice to have extra strength in them.
Also, if you didn't know already I am in the middle of growing my hair out from a really short pixie cut. The process is long and tedious but after 2 and a half years I will not give up. My hair is past my armpits now, which to me is long, but not long enough. Therefore, this combination is perfect for my hair, because it leaves it silky smooth and healthy.
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