Thursday, 1 May 2014

Music- My favourite EVER song!! #2014bloggerchallenge

Hello Everybody,
How are we all? Today I have another #2014bloggerchallenge post for you and the topic we were given was music. I could've talked about a favourite band, or my current playlist, but I thought I would keep it nice and simple and just talk about my favourite song.
Stronger (what doesn't kill you) by Kelly Clarkson...
Source: Weheartit
Stronger has been my favourite song ever since it was released in October 2011. It was when I was in year 9 at school and I can't think why I loved the song so much but I suppose if I am ever feeling down this song just lifts me up.
The whole song is based on the quote "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." And I suppose it's true. Things happen in life that aren't fair, and test your strength as a person, but if you come out of these battles, you have come out them and better and stronger person. Even you personally will know that when a bad thing happens again it seems slightly easier than the time before.
I believe when something bad happens to me it is good. It is a test, but it is good. Without bad things happening life the good things wouldn't seem good. I also feel like stronger is my motivational song, my pick me up when I am feeling pooey. I have listened to this song a number of times on my lead up to my GCSEs and I'm sure I'll listen to it a number of times more.
I hope you liked this post.
EmilyBelleBlogs x