Friday, 30 May 2014

Summer Shoe Collection #2014bloggerchallenge

I've probably sat here for the past hour or so pondering on what is really classed as a collection. For example, how many of something do you have to have before it can be called a collection? And, can a collection be absolutely anything? This had me thinking, I don't really have a collection any more. Any more meaning that I used to have a little dolls house collection until I realised that miniature furniture is almost the same price as ordinary sized furniture, which is absolutely barbaric if you ask me.
To be honest, I'm not really sure my summer shoe collection is really a collection, but I was feeling a tad lazy when it came to taking pictures and decided that four would be enough. Besides, these are probably going to be my most worn shoes this summer.
My first shoes in this collection are shoes that I wear all year round. and are my white converse. I think white converse are so versatile, and go with all sorts of outfits. Be it jeans, disco pants, shorts, a skirt or even a summer dress these shoes never fail to look good. I love them, and apart from the fact I do need to give them a wipe down they are absolutely perfect. Literally, I live in my white converse.
The next shoes in my little summer shoe collection are my black Juju jelly shoes, and OMG I love these things! They look so adorable with shorts or skirts, and look super cute with or without socks. I love pairing these with little frilly socks, especially white ones because it has a cute monochrome contrast. Similarly with my Black T-bars from Topshop, these are also super adorable and look really nice with white frilly socks too. Not only that, But they are great to wear to parties when I really want to dance and cannot be bothered to wear heels and have sore feet the next day.
The final shoes in this collection are the cute sandals. I haven't actually worn them yet this season, but I know with painted toenails I will be wearing them through most of my holiday this year. They look absolutely lovely with a summer dress, and are quite girly and boho which is very much my style.
I hope this collection is okay although it wasn't much of a collection and I will speak to you all on Sunday with my May Favourites.
EmilyBelleBlogs x