Sunday, 25 May 2014

Whittlebury Hall

If you follow me on Twitter *cheeky plug you know* you will know that last weekend I went to a spa called Whittlebury Hall in Northamptonshire for the weekend with my nana, mum and auntie for my nana's birthday. I had such a lovely and relaxing weekend which was a great break from the exams that I had.
When we first got there we dropped our bags off in the hotel and then went to our lockers and put on our flip flops and cosy dressing gowns. We then went to the heat and ice experience which was so fun. There was a hydrotherapy pool, saunas, different types of steam rooms, an ice cave, hot beds, hot seats and even an ice bucket. My auntie pranked me and got me to stand right under where the bucket poured; I'm pretty sure I screamed so loud and disturbed every bodies spa experience, but it was funny. They also had ice flannels that had fruit infused in them and they were super nice to refresh your face.

  After spending over an hour in the heat experience we had  a chill by the pool, and read the mountains of magazines we had bought with us, which was my kind of cup of tea. We then had a buffet lunch which was so yummy and high standard. After that we went upstairs ready for our treatments. Whilst waiting I had the most lovely hot chocolate. I then had my Clarins facial, which was so relaxing and made my skin feel so nice. At the end of the treatment they recommended to me a few products that they used, and as much as I was tempted to buy everything, I resisted it because I knew I needed to save my money for clothes ready for sixth form.
After we were all chilled from a lovely spa experience we went to our rooms for a little chill, and to get ready for our dinner. I probably laid on the bed reading my magazines for a good hour or so before decided to have a shower and to get ready for the evening. I wore my coral Hollister dress, which has crotchet detailing along the waist and around the back; because it was quite summery I decided to just keep my hair down and natural and only use minimal makeup.
The dinner was absolutely lovely. I had a salmon starter, a pork main course and a strawberry tart for dessert. The only slight disappointment was the dessert because it was meant to be served with a raspberry macaron (the main reason why I ordered it) but it was served with a raspberry sorbet, it was still nice though.
Afterwards we went to the bar and watched a bit of Britain's Got Talent, and then found Diane Parish (who plays Denise Fox on Eastennders) wondering the building. It was so funny, and I'm not going to lie, but my nana got a bit over excited.
This post is in no way sponsered but I thought I would leave the link to their website here, just in case you were interested in this place and want to find out more. By the way, I highly recommend going here if you want a girly, relaxing weekend away *of course, men can go too*.
I hope you enjoyed another "lifey" post from me today. Again, I apologise that my posts aren't very consistent at the moment, but I promise everything will be back to normal after my exams.
EmilyBelleBlogs x