Tuesday, 24 June 2014

A (kind of) collective haul

I have a little haul for you all today, and when I say little I do mean it, because I haven't bought loads lately, because I do not have a lot of money to spend at the moment, hence why I am searching for a job. Even so, my mum has treated me to a few things and I have spent a little bit of money and what is shown in this post has been picked up over the last month or so.
Okay, firstly I will start off with what I have picked up recently from Primark. The first couple of bits I picked up last month, but I thought I would include them in this haul anyway, because it is (kind of) collective. The first thing I picked up were some high-waisted blue jeans for sixth form. At my sixth form we are aloud to wear jeans but not ripped ones, and as I only have one other pair of jeans that aren't ripped I thought I would pick up a cheaper pair from Primark. These very much resemble Topshop Joni jeans, so if you are looking for a cheaper version of them, then Primark is that place to look. I also picked up a little colourful, floral blouse, which has a smock shape to it, meaning it has a flowy skirt like thing on the bottom but is also really loose. This is perfect for summer. The final thing I quite recently bought in Primark was an ice lolly t-shirt. I have no idea why, I just liked it and I love a good novelty, casual t-shirt to hang around in when I have nothing to get dressed up for.
The next place I went too was Accessorize, where I bought some last little jewellery bits for my prom. Both bits of jewellery I picked up were from the sterling silver range as I wanted the jewellery to look at least a little bit special because prom is a special day. The first piece of jewellery I picked up was a little feather necklace. I love feathers because they resemble peacefulness and serenity (I believe) and I just thought it was super cute. There is also a little gem in the feather which I didn't notice until I got home, but I think that is really cool because when it catches certain lights it glimmers. I also got some earrings, because I haven't got many earrings and most of them are kind of cheap and gross *you know, the ones that leave your earlobes grubby*. Anyway, the gem in the earrings are cubic zirconia and they are so beautiful and princessy, I cannot wait to wear them.
I also went to H&M wear I found the most gorgeous dress. It is coral in colour and is a skater cut, which is my favourite type of dress because it suits me the best. It has a mesh detailing around the top of the dress, which I love because it makes the dress look more dainty and gives the dress a bit more detail.
Finally, I also made an order on Feelunique because I noticed they were doing 20% off your first order deal, and because I'd never bought anything from Feelunique before I thought I would take advantage in this deal. Basically, I have wanted the Naked 3 palette since it was released but was too scared to buy it because let's face it, it isn't cheap. But, I wanted this palette so bad, and I thought it would be perfect for my prom makeup. Therefore, I made a bit of a splurge and finally bought it. I have decided to make myself feel less bad about spending a lot of money on it, I will call it my end of exam treat to myself, because we all deserve to treat ourselves occasionally, don't we?
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