Thursday, 12 June 2014

Announcement and other stuff!!

This post may be slightly anti-climactic depending on how you see it. But today is when I announce the surprise I have been talking about for a rather long time. Now, I have actually had a complete change of plans very recently about the big surprise, so it may seem a bit pants to some of you. Nevertheless, I am going to go ahead with explaining this surprise to you all, because I want to involve you in this.

Hopefully you will know by now that I am finishing school tomorrow, which is very exciting and I am finding it very hard to fathom right now, and in September I will be joining sixth form. With that being said, I have quite a long holiday away from school. This means that I have more time to blog. As of next week I will be resuming my normal blogging schedule, which is Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, as well as starting part two of my Wisdom Wednesday series, so hopefully my posts will become more exciting again.
Leading on from what I just said I want to involve you guys more with my Wisdom Wednesday posts, there are nearly 200 of you now (which continues to blow my mind) which means I want to make them better. To do so, I want to hear some of your favourite quotes. You've heard some of mine from my last series and therefore I want to share some of yours. For this to work I would love for some of you to drop me an email with your favourite quote, what it means to you, and then I will go about creating the rest of the post. I will also continue using some of my own quotes too.
My next announcement is that I am planning to blog every day in August. I know some people blog everyday, 365 days of the year, but I simply wouldn't have the time and ideas for that. I decided on blogging everyday in August because at the moment I have no plans for it *apart from finding out my GCSE results* and would therefore think it would be nice to spend some more of my days blogging. Due to me committing myself to blogging for 31 days straight however, I would like you guys to comment ideas of what you want to see below. So far I plan on doing a Sunday round up, Wisdom Wednesday's and some more Embakes posts, as well as reviews and things between (that is what I need ideas for).
But, I would also like your help with this challenge. I have decided I want to share more with you guys, so as well as sharing your Wisdom Wednesday advice, I would love a guest poster every Friday of this month. I have never had anyone guest post on my blog before but I feel like it is a nice way of sharing with my readers some other bloggers content and also to give my blog a fresh vibe every so often. I mean, if I blogged for 31 days straight I'm sure you'd get bored of me.
Not only is this going to go on in August but I am planning a little revamp for my blog in the coming weeks. The first thing I plan on sorting is my header because I am aware that the little picture of me in the corner is very orange, and does look a little odd. I would also like to arrange it to be easier for you guys to use, therefore if you have any refurbishment ideas please comment them down below.
Anyway, a quick reminder of what I want you all to do is to email me your Wisdom Wednesday post ideas. Comment below any post ideas for the month of August and to also email me if you are interested in guest posting for my blog. Do not email me immediately with posts because I do not want to let anyone down, but if I would like your help then I will be sure to reply telling you so. And finally, comment below and help me redesign my blog.
As always, if you need anything then do not me afraid to email me, tweet me or comment down below. And also, if you haven't already and are interested in what I am doing with my blog in the coming months then please follow me on bloglovin, to keep up to date with my posts.
I hope you are as excited as I am about this little challenge. I hope I haven't disappointed you all too much considering I did change my plans very quickly overnight, but even so I am very excited about getting you guys more involved with my blog and hope that as many of you as possible can get involved.
EmilyBelleBlog x