Saturday, 14 June 2014

Blogger Love Tag!

Now, I know I haven't actually been tagged to do this, but as I am in quite a giving and sharing mood lately, so when I saw this tag floating around on Bloglovin I knew I wanted to give it a go. This tag is The Blogger Love tag and it is designed for bloggers to share their favourite blogs with others. So... Let's get started.

What was the first blog you ever came across?

I was quite unsure of the answer for this question for a while, but I actually think that it was Fleur De Force's blog that I first ever came across. This is because I had actually been watching Youtube videos for quite a long time before I actually came across blogging. I loved Fleur's honest makeup reviews, but they were never too lengthy so I didn't get too bored.

Favourite blog reads.

Hmmm... *scrolls through bloglovin feed*.  I probably always read jennypurrlifesetsail and couturegirl. They are each fairly different blogs from one another, but I just enjoy reading them, and all of them have really pretty pictures *which always draws me in*.

Best Blogging Friend.

I wouldn't necessarily say I've made any best friends through blogging because the idea of being best friends with someone over the internet that I have never met before scares me. But one of my "real" best friends does actually have a blog, so I guess she'd be it. So... my blogging best friend is Kelly.

Name a blog that enables your purchases.

I would probably say icovetthee enables quite a lot of my purchases. I  think it's because all of Alix's opinions are her own, and she also has a very tidy blog, making it easy for me to see the product in the image and not be drawn away from it because of a hefty blog design.

5 blogs everyone should be reading.

Salted Roses and Style Scrapbook for brilliant fashion posts. The Sunday Girl and Gh0stparties for a bit of beauty and life advice. And Inthefrow for a mixture of fabulous fashion, beauty and even some of her travelling adventures.

Your favourite way to read blogs.

I love reading blogs on bloglovin on my phone, because it is so easy to do on the go. I normally find myself reading blogs in bed at night. My reading books have totally been neglected because of this. I also enjoy reading them on a Saturday on my laptop however, with a nice big mug of tea.

Bloggers that inspire you.

This is a pretty easy choice if I am honest. Michelle Phan is such an inspirational blogger. She has gone from having quite a rough childhood, to being a successful businesswomen, and an online beauty guru sensation. Not only does she teach young women the art of beauty but also teaches them how to feel empowered. She has such a wise way with words and I am sure she has inspired many and not just I.

Favourite blog design/look.

I love Essiebutton's new blog design. It is so colourful and always makes me smile. Also, the cute illustration of her dog Reggie is just adorable. Not only that but the colourful specks makes me think of sprinkles, and we all know how much I love sprinkles, especially when included on cake.

What is your favourite thing about blogging?

I love it when I get lovely comments from my readers, saying they love my blog or they cannot wait until my next post. It makes me smile and feel so happy. I also love how blogging is my little outlet. Somewhere where I can ramble on about things that I enjoy without boring the socks off of my friends and family.

Name a blogger that you would most like to see write a book in the future!

Hmm... I'm not sure because all bloggers are amazing at what they do already *writing*. I think I would like to see Inthefrow write a book about all of her adventures in America. She is amazing at giving all of her travelling advice and I think this awesome advice needs to be published for everyone else to see. Also, it is something different to all of the beauty books we see getting released.

I hope you enjoyed today's little tag post and if you would like to give this tag a whirl, please do and leave links below of yours so I can have a read.
EmilyBelleBlogs x