Saturday, 28 June 2014

Embakes A Chocolate Mousse

Okay, so this post was actually meant to be an Embakes of some macarons that Emily (other one) and I made last weekend but they were an absolute fail whale, so we won't do that. Although you can view a picture of them on my instagram if you want. Anyway, today I am going to share with you a lovely Gordon Ramsay chocolate mousse recipe which my family and I use and love all of the time.


150 g dark chocolate250 ml creme fraiche284 ml double cream25 g icing sugar, sifted1 -2 tablespoon coffee liqueur (optional)64 g chocolate (crunchie frozen for 10 minutes)


  1. Break the dark chocolate into small pieces (reserving 25g for grating later) and place in a bowl that fits snugly over a pan of boiling water. Leave until the chocolate has completely melted and then remove from the heat and set aside.
  2. Add the crème fraiche to the melted chocolate and whisk until combined. Put the double cream and icing sugar into a separate bowl and whisk with an electric whisk until it forms soft peaks. Fold the chocolate mixture into the cream, add the coffee liquer and stir to combine.
  3. Remove the chocolate covered honeycomb bars from the freezer, remove the packets and wrap them in a clean tea towel. Place the tea towel under a chopping board and press down hard on the chopping board to crush the honeycomb. Open up the tea towel and tip the crushed honeycomb into the mousse and gently fold through with a spatula. Spoon the mousse into four small serving dishes and then grate over the remaining chocolate and serve.

That is how you make my families favourite chocolate mousse, so yep, you better enjoy it!
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