Sunday, 1 June 2014

May Favourites

It's June. It's freaking June. It's summer. It's officially summer. Obviously, with a new month comes a look back on the last with the obligatory favourites post. Yep, that's correct this is my May favourites. Personally I think this months favourites post is going to be the hardest of all of them, mainly because the month of May has been pretty boring for me. Revision, more revision and then exams has been my life this month, but you know what? I am kind of getting used to this lifestyle now. Tomorrow I have my business exam, and I don't even feel nervous. What happened to the girl that was freaking out about her exams at the end of April? Hell knows. Anyway, before this becomes a rather large ramble of nonsense that nobody actually cares about and me just spilling out my emotions to everybody once again about how exams aren't as bad as they seem I better start thinking about my favourites...


This is going to be pretty similar to last months favourite, but I guess I haven't grown apart from it yet, and it is Nivea's essential care lip balm. I had one of these a few months ago and lost it *I know, utter heartbreak*. So, I went into boots, saw it on the shelf and was like, "I cannot live without you any longer lip balm, come home with me." So after paying the pound I was happy as larry again because I had been reunited with my lifesaver, Nivea essential care lip balm *well, that was the most tear jerking love story I've ever heard*. This lip balm is super duper moisturising and paired with my wonderful lush lip scrub I haven't had a dry lip in yonks.


I got a new shirt, and everybody knows that when you get something new you love it and want to wear it everyday until it's starts to get a bit smelly. Or at least, I think that's what everybody else does too? Back to the point, I got a red shirt with white polka dots on it from New Look a couple of weeks ago and absolutely adore it. I would say it falls into the smart casual ground of dress code and that is why I love it, because it can be dressed up or down, and the colours are also really bright and summery.


I've not really had a food favourite this month to be honest, but if I had to choose one it would have to be wheatabix, purely because it has been my brain power throughout my exam period. I believe that possibly without my wheatabix recently I would've crashed and burned during my exams.


I've had a lot going on lately and I thought I would quickly mention that my exams have certainly not been my life favourite this month even if I say they weren't that bad. My first favourite thing this month was my best friend Katie's birthday. We had a lovely day chatting and listening  to music and then in the evening a few of us went to a Chinese restaurant and had eyes that were definitely bigger than our bellies, I even had to say no to dessert! Also, our last day of school was amazing because we had a wonderful day all dressing up in our best clothes, firstly sitting in the sun and then having the most lovely leaving assembly. My best friend sang a wonderful classical song and it was incredible. Well done Kate!! The final favourite day of mine was Wednesday, when my friends and I went to see Bad Neighbours at the cinema and as much as it has bad reviews it is actually really funny. As well as that, we went to the arcade and went into the photo booth for a few pictures and a horror simulator which scared the living daylights out of me.
Not only that, but I have thoroughly enjoyed being with my family, from bowling together and toasting marshmallows in the newly decorated garden these days have all been great, I think all of these exams have made me enjoy the little things a bit more.


The song I have been loving this month is Budapest by George Ezra. I have no idea why apart from the fact that George Ezra's crisp voice is so amazing. I just... eugh... love it.

I hope you enjoyed today's post, and are looking forward to this month as much as I am. I mean finishing exams, prom and my big surprise for you guys is all very exciting, and I cannot believe how excited I am to get back into all of this again. The end of this month may see the return of one of my most popular blogging series too, which is quite exciting. Before I get too carried away though, I am going to end this post. Please comment your favourites of the month below , to share with everyone too.
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