Thursday, 19 June 2014

Outfit of the day (OOTD): Picnic Edition

Firstly, I am going to begin this post off with an apology because I was meant to be posting the first Wisdom Wednesday post yesterday but I didn't actually remember until 11 last night and thought by the time I had finished editing photos and writing out the post it wouldn't be Wednesday any more. Therefore, I will definitely ensure the series will restart next week.
This week I am doing another outfit of the day because you guys all seemed to very much enjoy the outfit post I did a couple of weeks ago, so, here it is...

What I wore...

My favourite polka dot shirt from New Look
High-waisted shorts, they were from New Look a couple of weeks ago
Juju jelly shoes from Bank Fashion
Both my Sunglasses and watch are from New Look too

Okay, okay... I am wearing that flipping shirt again. But, it is my favourite and it has yet to star in an outfit post therefore I thought it was important I gave it a whole special post to itself (kind of). As you know, from my last post I went on a picnic on Friday, and I thought I would take the opportunity to do an outfit post of it. All of these photos were in no way intended for the post, thus I apologise if I look a bit expressionless in some of them.
This outfit was perfect because it was so hot on Friday. The shirt is loose so it doesn't stick and make you feel gross, but it is also cropped, which is why it looks so great with my high-waisted shorts. I also wore my black jellies without socks this time, which was like wearing sandals, although, I'm thankful they are closed toed as I had no time to be painting my toe nails.
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