Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Wisdom Wednesday #11

It's back! My Wisdom Wednesday series is back and boy am I excited. I'm sorry it is a week late but when writing these posts I do need a little bit of time to think because some of the quotes I use do mean something to me and I want to analyse them in the best way possible for you guys to fully understand them and maybe even learn something from them. Anyway, I am not going to bore you for any longer with my ramblings as to why I don't do Wisdom Wednesday ever Wednesday of the year, instead, I am going to jump straight into it...
Lean too much on the approval of people, and it becomes a bed of thorns.
We live in a society today where we automatically check with other people to see if things are okay. Be it our makeup, hair and outfit or even something we desperately want to do, we will always check for others approval first. The problem is, there is a difference between asking for a parent's approval to asking for everybody elses approval. Why should we have to check with our friends if the outfit we are wearing is okay? Why should we have to check with friends that it is okay to go and see The Fault in Our Stars at the cinema without them? It almost seems as if we are controlled by others opinions.
Of course there are times when we are going to check things are okay to be polite, and ensure nobody gets upset because that is the right thing to do, but sometimes we also need to learn how to make a decision by ourselves. Be more independent, and stop asking "Is it okay...?" all of the time. I am a strong believer in freedom and self-expression, and therefore I believe we should be aloud to make our own decisions from time to time.
The reason I have chosen this quote is because as a teenage girl, asking for approval from friends is an everyday occurrence. The problem is, asking for approval has gone from asking what the dress code is to asking if a complete outfit is okay. We do it automatically, without even looking in the mirrors to see whether we like what we see or not, and sometimes the feedback we get back from our friends is not what we want to hear. Friends will be honest with you because that is what friendship is about, but this is when approval becomes a bed of thorns. We rely on feedback and opinions so much that if it is negative it will punch us in the chest and we will go flying down to the ground.
This is where we need to stop. Stop asking if this and that is okay. Be happy for you, don't care what others think all of the time. The less you ask if things are okay the more people will stop judging and giving their unwanted opinions. Why? Because you didn't ask. People will look at you and think, "They're happy with how they look/what they are doing." and that is all that matters. The fact is, if you haven't asked for approval, people won't even make a second thought on it. They will look at you and believe that you are happy within yourself, and it will not even cross their mind whether or not they approve or not, because in that moment, their opinion will not matter. Your own approval is all that matters.
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