Thursday, 31 July 2014

Embakes Vanilla Cake Pops!

Hello Everybody,
Today I took the plunge with my trusty steeds Kerry and Kelly and we made some Cake Pops. Now I've actually had a fancy gadget type thing in my wardrobe for ages ready to make some of these cutesy cakes but the cake pop maker unfortunately didn't come with any cake pop sticks, so when I saw that they sold them in Poundland I jumped at the chance to pick them up.
Unfortunately this recipe is specifically for the cake pop maker but I will try my best and give a guess at what the oven temperature and times need to be if you are using a cake pop mould instead.


100g Caster Sugar
100g Butter
2 Eggs
100g Self-raising flour
A big bar of white chocolate


  1. Cream together the caster sugar and butter until it is light and fluffy.
  2. Add the eggs one by one and beat until it has fully combined.
  3. Fold in the flour and then mix vigorously until the mixture is completely pale and smooth.
  4. Preheat your cake pop maker until the light turns green and tells you that it is ready for you to bake your cake pops *if you have an oven and silicon mould preheat the oven to about 180'c*.
  5. Put the mixture into the cake pop maker and let is bake for 5 minutes. *If you are using an oven let the cake pops bake for about 10 minutes*.
  6. Once the cake pops have baked, put them on their sticks and leave them to completely cool.
  7. Then melt the white chocolate in a bowl over boiling water *if you want to be posh you can call it a bain marie*.
  8. Once the chocolate has fully melted leave it to cool a bit so it doesn't slide straight off of the cake. This took too long for us so we added about 40g of icing sugar to the chocolate to thicken it. Then we covered each cake pop with the chocolate.
  9. Finally, sprinkle on your choice of sprinkles. I chose some multi-coloured stars because I thought that they looked really pretty.
And that is it! It's quite an easy recipe, and I hope the oven one works because I have completely made the
at recipe up, and I apologise if it is completely wrong, because I have never made them in an oven. I hope you have a wonderful evening and I will see you tomorrow with my first of many special posts.
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Wisdom Wednesday #16- I can and I will!

Happy Wisdom Wednesday Everybody!
Today's post is kind of about trying things, even if it scares you, kind of. I don't know! I'm having one of those days where you forget how to write an intro *thank goodness this isn't an English exam*. Anyway, I'm just going to get straight into the post because otherwise I may implode, yes, implode, not explode *by the way, I totally just googled if a human can implode*.
Too often we sit there and want to do things but don't do them because you are afraid, or haven't done it before. Which made me think that we really need to start developing an "I can and I will" attitude. Part of growing up is taking risks, making changes and trying new things. Sometimes we might be afraid of something so won't do it but what you have to realise is that you will never overcome a hurdle if you spend your life avoiding an unwanted situation.
Yes, life can be scary, but it doesn't mean you can't do something. Apprehension is normal with anything new. I drove a car for the first time on Sunday *at a special course for 16 year olds*, I was freaking terrified, but I wanted to do it because being able to drive would create so many more opportunities for me. I'm starting a job tonight, and again I am nervous, but I'll have to work one day and this is just part of growing up and opening new pathways for myself.
Push yourself! Because you can do these things, and most of the time you probably will have to. I don't mean do a skydive or a bungee jump, but you can take baby steps, and maybe one day you will. I know that one day I'll want to, so I can live with no regrets, but I also know that I am not capable of doing that right now. Although, I can and I will do it one day. Just like many of my other dreams and experiences I have listed on my bucket list that I wrote when I was eight.

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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Beauty Wars... Hand Food Vs Bodyshop Handcream

The other day I realised two things, firstly, today is technically the day I start daily blogging, which is kind of frightening, and also that my Beauty Wars posts have always been my most popular, even though I haven't done one recently at all.
Therefore, welcome to my daily blogs, which will continue until the 31st of August. Also, I have a beauty wars post for you today on a couple of my favourite handcreams, so hopefully you enjoy it. Lets get started...
The products that are competing against each other in today's beauty wars are the Soap&Glory Hand Food and the Bodyshop Almond Hand & Nail Cream. I will be doing 3 categories, which are... packaging, scent and doing it's job!


The packaging for the Hand food is actually really good. It's a plastic tube with a cap that has one of those controllable silicon nibs, so when you squeeze the tube when the product comes out it doesn't go absolutely everywhere. It is also a very durable tube, so it is easy to take around with you.
The Bodyshop handcream is in a foil type tube, which has to have the product squeezed to the bottom of the tube after each use. It also has a screw cap so it can get a little bit messy. Also, I have found holes in the foil tube packaging which for a while was very very messy.
Therefore my vote goes to Hand Food for this round!!
Hand Food 1- Bodyshop 0


Hand Food is made with Shea Butter, Macadamia Oil and Marshmallow. It doesn't smell massively magnificent. It smells quite soapy and fresh, so it doesn't really blow my mind.
The Body Shop handcream however is amazing because the one I have is Almond flavoured, which I love because almonds smell so sweet and yummy. I've also heard that Bodyshop have released/are releasing new handcreams in different flavours which is very exciting.
For this my vote goes to the Bodyshop handcream!!
Hand Food 1- Bodyshop 1

Doing it's job...

The Hand Food does do it's job for a few hours so it gives me lovely, soft and moisturised hands.One problem with the Hand Food however is that it is quite a slimy handcream which I find very annoying because I don't like smearing grease everywhere I will be honest.
The Bodyshop handcream isn't as greasy, in fact, I feel like it's effect lasts longer then Hand Foods, and I feel as if the handcream actually sinks into my hands rather then sits on top ready to slide off once it gets a bit hot outside, or you need to do something.

Therefore, the winner is the Bodyshop Almond Hand & Nail Cream! Winning 2-1 against Soap&Glory Hand Food. Don't get me wrong both handcreams are very good but personally for me I prefer Bodyshop's handcream.
Also, don't forget that I am still looking for DIY ideas and post ideas for my blog so if you have any suggestions don't forget to comment them below or let me know on all of my other social media accounts *links are in the side bar*.
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Saturday, 26 July 2014

My Holiday to Majorca (part two)

Hello Everybody,
And Happy Saturday!! I have the final part of my holiday post today which I am very excited to share with you. Also, did you know that there is less then one week until I start blogging everyday? I'm not going to lie I'm actually nervous that I won't be able to keep it up and let you all down, but at least I'll try my absolute best. As well as that, I would like to do some DIYs for you guys but I need suggestions to do some *nothing too extravagant though because I'll be new to DIYing things* so tweet me ideas for DIYs or things that you want for post ideas on my twitter.
If you want to see the first half of my holiday before viewing this post, now would be a good time, so this is the post here!

 On the Friday we spent far too long in the sun, sun exposure+time+Emily= sun burnt penguin (or sun burnt teenage girl anyway). I didn't burn that much to be honest, but reapplying factor 50 every 15 minutes really wasn't doing much after being outside in that blazing heat for 6 hours solid.
One perk of being by the pool however is that there was a vending machine  which was full of refreshing ice lollies right next to it. It wasn't so great for my purse, but excellent for a cooling treat.

 On the Saturday we went to Alcudia Old Town which was absolutely beautiful, with old Roman ruins, and beautiful cobbled streets which were really crammed together but looked so cute and traditional. It was just so perfect. Or at least I thought that until we found a little bay that had the most amazing view over the deep blue sea. I didn't think places like this actually existed, I only thought photoshop was capable of such a picturesque sight. I even paddled in the sea because it was so warm, and something about the fact that this little bay was a hidden beauty made me forget of the things that could be in the sea.

To be honest, I cannot remember what I did on the Sunday, but I suppose we just stayed by the pool for a bit and walked around where we are staying, so I doubt I took any pictures *I couldn't find any if I did*. But on the Monday before our evening flight, we took a train tram thing around the town after catching some last minute rays *not that I tanned at all*. Then we had an evening flight home, and arrived back early Tuesday, which was very sad, but it was nice to be home all at the same time.
I hope you enjoyed this post, and as mentioned above, please leave me recommendations for posts and things you want to see from me on my twitter or comment ideas below. Also, I would love it for you all to follow me on instagram because I have really been enjoying it lately, and it will keep you guys up to date with my life too.
See you on Tuesday!
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Jica Lash* Product Review

Hello my little sugar muffins! How are we all? I have a little review for you all that I'm hoping you will all be interested in...
A few weeks a go I was contacted by Tribal Media PR company to try out this lash extending product made by a company called Jica, called Jica Lash*. Considering I am actually fairly afraid of normal fake lashes *I know eyelash glue can't permanently glue my eyelids together, but we all have fears, okay?* I was really intrigued by this product.
The pictures don't do the product justice, I'm just the worst eye photographer in the world xx
Jica Lash* is basically a little bottle of little black fibres, that once put on your eyelashes, it gives you and natural looking long and full eyelashes. I personally really think this does the job, and although I do seem to be blessed with quite long eyelashes already, I do like the added length and volume for a touch of glamour.
To use this product you have to apply some of your regular mascara first, in my case I used The Rocket Volume mascara by Maybelline, apply the fibres like you would with mascara, and then seal them in with another coat of mascara. The fibres are also best applied looking down at a mirror, because otherwise it can get a bit messy and you'll have fibres stuck to your face, which not only ruins the rest of your makeup but also makes you look like you have had one gigantic sneeze after applying your mascara. But, if Jica Lash is applied right this sneeze face doesn't seem to be too much of an issue. One thing I should warn you about however, is that if you have a random eyelash that points down like I do, your eyes might itch a bit because product is going in your eyes, try not to rub your eyes because more product will get in them, and  if you leave them alone the feeling should going away a few minutes after applying.
You can buy the product here for £13.95 which I honestly don't think is a bad price considering the product has no expiry date, and seems to me that it will be a good while before I run out. There seems to be a lot of product in the bottle considering you don't need much for each eye, so I think for £13.95 it is quite a beauty product investment.
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Wisdom Wednesday #15- Slowing down

Have you ever felt like things move so fast? Life just blurs by like you're in a rocket ship, or on the telly and someone is fast forwarding you x30. I do. I'm sure I'm not the only one that thinks that things can change so quickly. Some things more uncontrollably than others. But, there are also times when you feel like although it seems that life is moving fast, it isn't. It's just that we have our heads so much into the future that we forget what it is to feel mindful. We forget what it feels like to just let things slow down a little bit. We forget what it feels like to actually enjoy the moment.
 It's in humans every nature to just sit and worry about what they will be doing in 10 years time from now. Or what will happen if they don't wash the car today. But it is times like this that you realise you are doing everything far too quickly. Life becomes overwhelming, and you actually forget what is going on presently. Change. Change is our trigger. Whether we think we can deal with it or not, we all seem to jump the next hurdle before we've finished jumping over the current one. Leaving us to stumble and fall.
For example, I worry about passing my A Levels before I've even received my GCSE results. There is absolutely no logic in it, but I do know that I'm not the only one who does it. I'm also the sort of person who can go to a party and worry about what I am doing the next day rather then enjoy the party I am currently at, again, this is quite a human thing to do.
But I think that we need to start being more mindful so that life doesn't pass so quickly. So we can start enjoying it more, rather then complaining about things that haven't even happened. We are wasting great and amazing opportunities to smile and enjoy ourselves, because our heads are stuck in the future. Enjoy today or you may miss it.
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Sick Day Essentials

Guys! It happened, I got ill, or a bad cold, but for me it is a pretty big deal considering I never ever get ill. Anyway, whilst I spent the morning feeling sorry for myself I decided to make a blog post for what people might essentially need when they are feeling pooey. Whether your ill or just feeling lazy most of these things can apply for both.
The first thing I did when I finally rolled out of bed feeling disgusting was that I had a cup of tea. For me I always feel like a nice hot drink always makes me feel a bit better, with a slice of toast and glee on the TV, at least I knew I could spend the morning chilling.
At around lunchtime I was actually feeling worse, I don't really know why but I just kind of felt horrid. So I had some Thai Style Chicken Ramen *mmm... I love me some ramen* whilst chilling in my bed, watching old youtube videos, with my French Lavender Yankee candle lighted, because it smells absolutely amazeballs. Also, I find Lavender is relaxing and clears my airways. I also had a yogurt for a dessert type thingy.
I also made sure I was stocked up with tissues because my nose was dripping like a tap and that I also had some Strepsils (blackcurrent is my favourite flavour) because my throat had been sore for quite a few days, and not only do they soothe your throat but they also help fight any virus or infection that you may have.
Finally, I like to stress that is important you go outside for a while. Fresh air can work wonders on your body and it is so refreshing. I went to the park with my bestie, and although  I wasn't feeling 100% we had a good afternoon and I felt quite rejuvenated. Of course, I had a refreshing shower before going out and sharing my germs with the world.
I also want to say that you should take it easy, don't do nothing, but also do not give yourself too many things to do. I did this and ended up spending about an hour curled up on my bed having a bit of a cry and wobble because I had too much to do and didn't feel well enough to do them all. Also, I am that sort of person who likes structure, so if I have plans but can't go ahead with them because I feel ill I get very overwhelmed. Enough with that story though, I just wanted to say that it is important that you ensure you have plenty of time to yourself to recover if you are ever feeling poorly, and if you can't follow through with all of your plans then don't worry, you can do it another day, your health is more important.
If you are feeling under the weather then I hope you get better soon.
Toodles (and I love you all)
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Sunday, 20 July 2014

My holiday to Majorca (Part 1)

Hello Everybody,
If you haven't realised already this post is actually a day late. To be honest I kind of forgot about it and as I have been super busy it didn't really happen. But, I have made it onto the scene today with the post that was planned for yesterday.
Last week I went to the beautiful Majorca with my family, which I am very grateful for. I had an amazing trip and really wanted to share some of the photos of the trip with you. I am going to do this post in two parts however, otherwise it could become rather long and I have a fair few photographs I wish to share with you from my trip away.
Warning!! Picture heavy post!!
The first day was spent mostly travelling, so we didn't really get up to much apart from go to Starbucks in the airport (how could I forget that), fly, drive and then explore the area in which we were staying in, and unpack all of our bits and bobs, so it wasn't that interesting.

 On the second day however, we went for a bit more of an explore in town. Although, first we had to check out our facilities and had a morning swim and sunbathe, which was absolutely lovely. At first the swimming pool was cold but if you got into it without thinking about it too much it was in fact very refreshing.
After a relaxing morning we went into town, walking the long way round because at this point we hadn't worked out the quickest route to the beach. On the way I picked up a sunhat because it wasn't until I got to Majorca that I realised the snapback that I bought when I was 12 was far too small, however, if I had engaged my brain I probably would have worked that out earlier.
The beach was absolutely glorious. With sunbeds and parasols going across miles of white sandy beaches and people on peddle boats and banana boats in the sea, I was thoroughly breathe-taken. Or at least, I certainly was when my dad persuaded me to walk over a Jetty which had rather large gaps between each plank. By the way, if you don't know already, open water frightens me quite a lot, mainly because of not knowing what is in the water, so I was quite scared of the Jetty.
After a brilliant break at the seaside it was dinner time, so we stopped a KFC for a family bucket, before heading off to get ready for an evening at a local English bar, which was very lovely.

 The next day, we went into the port, again after spending the morning by *and in* the pool. The port was amazing, and I thoroughly wished I had the money that some of these people had to buy such spectacular looking yachts. We then walked on the beach for a little while, whilst as usual, I was trying to be all arty with my camera.

On the fourth day, which was the Thursday, my family and I took a trip to the capital, Palma. First of all we had a look at all of the street art which I highly recommend you wonder around, just to check out the staggering talent that runs throughout the city. We then went into the cathedral, which was very beautiful and had the most amazing stain-glass windows and high ceilings I have ever seen.
After spending a good half hour or so in the Cathedral and getting a bit lost in the city, my family split up for a little shop around. I did look in MAC with my mum but the prices were poor and I ended up purchasing from duty free on the way home instead. But my mum and I did enjoy a nice refreshing frozen yogurt.
When we got back, we had dinner at the local English bar, which was very yummy, and had some fun playing some quizzes there before going back to our apartment early and watching The Inbetweeners before bed.

I hope you enjoyed part one of my holiday post and part two will be going up next Saturday. Also, congratulations if you made it this far down, because I am pretty sure this is one of the longest blog posts that I have ever written.
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Thursday, 17 July 2014

200th blog post// A chat// My life lately...

Let's have a chat, seeing as we haven't had one in a while and this is my 200th blog post and I kind of want to make it special for that reason. Right now I am sitting here on my bedroom floor, firstly, because my desk is messy and secondly, because I moved my floordrobe to my bed (my usual blogging spot) in the hope that I'll put it away when I have to get in it tonight rather then being a lazy bum and putting back on the floor. I mean come on, I'm a 16 year old girl, expectations of being super tidy so you can take blog pictures all the time is not fair, most other girls have messy floors and overflowing drawers. Is it just me? Nope!

Anyway, I kind of don't know what I am going to write today, so this could either become an utter shamble of a ramble, or a half decent post. I haven't been able to take pictures (due to not having any cakes to pipe the generic 200th post or THANK YOU on to and my messy bedroom) so I thought, why not stick some of my favourite camera roll photos on this post instead. Yep, I am full of bright ideas, absolutely full of them.
Let's start off this post with talking about life lately and what I have been up to. As you know, I have been off of school for a month now, and apart from the suckish boredom that has overcome me on multiple occasions, mostly on days I lapse in creativity and my friends want to lay in bed all day, it hasn't been too shabby. In fact, I seemed to have managed to not spend too much money, spend time with my friends, and go to Majorca for a week with my family so far. Not to mention prom and my sixth form induction days which were actually rather fun *apart from Becca dropping me in a piggy back race, my shoulder never quite recovered from that*.
Life has kind of been a whirl of excitement, the unknown seems to excite me more then frighten me now and for some reason I am all up for trying new things, and actually doing more daring things *canoeing does count right?*. I seem to have developed an utmost adoration for the outdoors, and for some reason the empty plant pots in my back garden make me feel sad *I really need to buy some flowers from the market*. To be honest when I say I love the outdoors I mainly mean just being in it, I want to have garden parties, camp outs, make s'mores, watch the sunrise, have a water fight and even buy a helmet so I can get back on my bike. I literally have no idea where this has come from, but I love it.
I also want to bake so much more, with mini doughnuts, lemon meringue pie and strawberry and cream cupcakes on my list so far, I'm sure my house will be smelling like a bakery in no time.
To be honest, I was a bit miffed at the beginning of the holidays because I really wanted a job so I could have more money, but now I have gotten over that. I have realised I can have so much fun without money, and if by the end of this month I do need money. The why not make some out of doing what I love? Nobody said I couldn't.
Now, after that I think I should get on to the real reason on why I am writing this post, and that is you guys. Only yesterday I realised that this in fact was my 200th blog post. I was shocked more then anything because it only feels like the other day that I wrote my 100th blog post. All I can say is that this wouldn't be happening without you guys. My blog is continuing to grow, and every time I hit another milestone my confidence grows a little bit with it. My confidence growing from blogging is a big deal for me because over most of 2013 I was really lacking it and feeling quite rubbish because of it. So far 2014 has been great, so considering on the 1st of January I thought 2014 was going to be rubbish because of exams, falling apart friendships and the usual teenage troubles it has actually been the best yet. Yes, I might still be dreading results day, but that doesn't define me. My happiness, growing confidence and excitability is what defines me, and I wouldn't change that for the world, I wouldn't even exchange it for a strawberry milkshake *even if I really really want one right now*.
I want to thank every single one of you who has commented on my blog, tweeted me something nice, or even just acknowledged my blog, because every single one of you has helped 2014 be amazing for me. I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds for EmilyBelleBlogs and I, and I sincerely hope you are too. Again, and big thank you and virtual hug for helping me make this little blog my baby, because trust me, I never thought it would get to where it is today.
Enough with the sappiness now Emily!
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Wisdom Wednesday #14 Make new experiences!

Hello Everybody,
The idea for today's post was actually something that sparked from me thinking back to something that I did whilst I was on holiday. I was in fact in Majorca with my family for the whole of last week and it was certainly bliss. Whilst I was away I completed something that was on my Summer Bucket List, and that was to dip my toes in the sea. This however was the one thing on my list that I was most frightened of, mainly because I have a fear of open water, what's in it and whether it is safe, it means I even struggle walking on piers and jettys. But I wanted to do it, and you know what? It was actually really nice. I actually went deeper than just putting my toes in and went in as far as my hips, so that is when I thought, surely we can't know what true happiness is without experiencing new things?
This quote really is something special. Yes I have had previous quotes talking about dancing in the rain, however this one is different. I am the type of person who will hide from bad whether. I will sit and wallow on my bed, drinking hot chocolate in my biggest, most disgusting but most comfy jumper waiting for the sun to come back out. Unfortunately for me, I live in England *I actually really love my country* and this means that my wallowing days are far more often then necessary. It is true that I believe people will sometimes need a day to just curl up and kick themselves for mistakes that they've made, or opportunities they have missed. But I also believe that if we keep ourselves busy, try new things, our lives would be so much more positive.
The unknown is probably a humans biggest fear. We over-think everything, particularly now when everybody seems extra cautious about everything, but there has been a point in our lives when we have said "health and safety this, health and safety that". Health and safety is implemented for completely rational reasons. Therefore when we stop taking on new opportunities for the fear of the unknown, we are more than likely completely safe, and the boundaries we are putting in front of us are quite irrational really. Of course, not everything goes right, but what would life be without mistakes? We learn from them, and become a stronger person because of them.
Trying new things is the peak of happiness. Without trying new things we will never know what true happiness is. Stepping into that sea for the first time was probably one of the best feelings I have ever felt. Yet, without stepping into that sea I would have never experienced that feeling. Try new things, and you may discover a whole new emotion you have never felt before. Sure, some things won't be perfect, but there is always something else. Nobody has found every single thing and experience that makes them happy yet. So go out searching for it. Try new things... Have the best summer ever *so far*!
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Camping Dos & Don'ts

Hello Everybody,
Today's post is actually a post that has been requested by one of my lovely readers, Jing. She told me that her friends and her were going on a camping trip soon and would like to know the dos and don'ts of camping. Considering I am an experienced camper and Explorer Scout I like to think that I would actually be good at giving this kind of advice.
Pictures source: Weheartit (I haven't had chance to take photos)


  • Plan before you go, make sure you know whether there are water taps where you are staying and that if you are planning a campfire you have permission to do so.
  • Make s'mores at the campfire!
  • Pack old clothes, you will get dirty.
  • Pack waterproofs, even if it is meant to be sunny the ground might still be wet.
  • Take a fold out chair- unless you want to sit on the floor.
  • Check the site beforehand, has it got everything you wanted?
  • Take layers, even if it is warm during the day, once the sun disappears it gets cold quite quickly.
  • Take a mummy bag and not a sleeping bag. Mummy Bag's are a lot tighter, keeping bugs out and keeping you a lot warmer. Also they wrap around your head, and you loose most of your heat from your head.


  • Sleep in your socks! Your feet will sweat, and you wont be able to take them off without getting out of your sleeping bag and getting cold again.
  • Take makeup- honestly you don't need it and it'll be a waste of space and time.
  • Camp under a tree, I have been at a campsite when the wind blew a tree down and it luckily just about missed a tent that was next to it. You might not be as lucky.
  • Mess around near the fire or make it bigger than you can cope with, also make sure you have a fire bucket near by.
  • Try and roll the sleeping bag back into its bag! Sleeping bags are meant to be stuffed, you won't get it back in rolled, trust me!
  • Forget to take insect spray to spray on yourself, the bites can really hurt.
  • Itch the bites!! Put antihistamine cream on them.
I hope this post helped any of you campers, and if you have any questions please don't be afraid to ask them.
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Benefit Porefessional Review

"Is that a review?" I hear you say. I know I haven't done a review in what feels like ages, but sometimes I struggle to write reviews without really trying a product. Also, to review things I need to buy things, and I'm a bit skint at the moment *I'm a spender not a saver, and I seriously need to work on that*. Anyway, today I am reviewing the Benefit Porefessional, which I actually have in the sample size because it was a freebie in the June Elle issue.
The first thing I really love about the Benefit Porefessional is that it is not greasy at all. Having tried the Maybelline Baby Skin on my hand in the shop before and absolutely hating the texture of it I was very skeptical about this product. However, once this product is blended out on you face well you really cannot feel it on your face.
Also, I love the fact that although this product comes out in a colour it blends out so it is clear. Which is great considering I am very pale and when I first saw this product I immediately thought, "Uh Oh! That'll be too dark for me."
Does it do what it's supposed to do? Yes, it certainly minimizes pores before applying the rest of your makeup and it also makes a great primer which is perfect for when you have made yourself look all pretty for an evening and want the makeup to stay put.
EmilyBelleBlogs x 

Thursday, 10 July 2014

What is in my Hand Luggage/carry-on bag?

With summer now fully underway and many people jetting off to exotic locations, or preparing for their holiday I thought that it would appropriate for me to show with you guys what I would put in my hand luggage. Also, how are you guys enjoying my very summery theme on my blog at the moment? I'm loving it, and it's making me feel very spirited.
First I should start with saying that if I am going on a short haul flight I literally will not bother carrying any liquids because it is a lot of bother, so I do actually travel with barely any of my normal essentials. I also do not wear makeup in the air because skin tends to dehydrate in higher altitudes and stuff.
In my front pockets I don't actually carry much, in fact all I carry is my camera in my front pockets because that way it is easy to reach and it is also an essential for me to carry my little digital camera. You never know when you might want to take a picture so don't put it away in your suitcase. I mean... You can't not take a cliche photo of the plane wing in the cloudy sky.
In my next pocket I like to carry a couple pairs of sunglasses. Having two may seem weird but I honestly broke my sunglasses on the first day of my holiday last time I went abroad and did mot prepare myself with another pair. I was very upset. I also carry some tissues, because there is nothing worse then having a snotty sneeze on the plane and having nowhere to catch it. Ew gross!
In my main pocket I firstly carry a couple of books and magazines. This keeps me occupied throughout the flight because I prefer not to think about how high I am in the sky whilst flying. I also keep my purse and mobile phone in the main pocket because you can't not have those everyday essentials. It is also important that you have a bit of both currencies in your purse because you don't want to be caught in a sticky situation with the wrong money. I also carry my Ipod and headphones, so I can listen to music and block out any airplane noises. People can become quite annoying after an hour or so.
Also, be it childish or not I like to carry my teddy with me. Yes, I am sixteen and carry a teddy! Firstly, a teddy is comforting and reminds you of home, and also the teddy smells of home. Not only that, but my teddy makes a rather nifty pillow, so if I need to sleep at least I am prepared for that too.
What do you take in your hand luggage?
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Wisdom Wednesday #13- Stop Wasting Time

Happy Wisdom Wednesday everybody!! How are we all? Have mid week blues yet? Well then... Stop wasting time!! Have you ever wondered how long you waste doing nothing? If you wonder that then you probably waste more then enough of it. Be it wasting your time in bed doing nothing all morning or wasting your time doing something you don't enjoy it is all unnecessary.
What this quote is saying is that there is never enough time in your life to waste it. If you have a choice you shouldn't do the things you don't want to do. Obviously you have to be careful with this quote, there is a difference between not wanting to do something and not doing something because we are fearful of it. In the back of your mind you might want short hair but you are too scared of getting it chopped off, but you want to, so why waste your time doing "nothing you want"?
Of course in life there are some necessary things that we have to do that we don't want to do, for example exams, or get dragged along to places we don't want to go. But for this quote I am specifically talking about people who sit there doing nothing all day. Think back to your summer bucket list. You want to read more books perhaps, or get fit. Yet you are sitting there doing nothing.
Just think about it. Next time you feel like you have nothing to do all day, think about something little that you've always wanted to do and do it, because at the end of the day we don't have enough time in our lives to lay in bed until midday everyday.
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

24 things... my summer playlist!!

Hello Everybody,
As it is summer and I do like to keep within a nice summer theme, so today I thought I would share with you guys some of my favourite summer songs. 24 to be exact! Some of the songs are just some of my favourites that you may have heard of already, whereas others are completely new and purely just in my summer playlist because they really put me in a summer mood. What I will do is make a list of all of my favourite summer songs and at the end link you to a playlist that I have made on youtube.

  1. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince- Summertime
  2. B.O.B- Airplanes ft. Hayley Williams
  3. Travie McCoy- Billionaire ft. Bruno Mars
  4. Calvin Harris- Summer
  5. Jason Derulo- Wiggle ft. Snoop Dogg
  6. Mr. Probz- Waves (as much as this song irritates me because it is so overplayed I still listen to it so put it on my playlist)
  7. Kiesza- Hideaway
  8. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis- Thrift shop
  9. Avicii- Hey Brother
  10. Ella Henderson- Ghost
  11. 5 Seconds of Summer- She looks so perfect (Kerry and Louisa you will love me for this!!)
  12. Busted- Year 3000
  13. Grease- Summer Nights
  14. Avicii- Wake Me Up
  15. Fun- We Are Young ft. Janelle Monáe
  16. Outkast- Hey ya!
  17. Of monsters and men- Little Talks
  18. Ellie Goulding- Burn
  19. MKTO- Classic
  20. Ed Sheeran- SING
  21. Katy Perry- Birthday (In case any of you have a summer birthday! You lucky things!)
  22. The 1975- The City
  23. Pompeii- Bastille
  24. Labrinth- Earthquake ft. Tinie Tempah
And here is the playlist for you lovely lot...
I hope you enjoy my summer playlist and like the fact that they are all upbeat, happy, summery songs.
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Saturday, 5 July 2014

The Prom Post

I was waiting until we had some of our official photos up to do this post *as in, they were taken by a nice camera* but unfortunately they are nowhere to be seen, and I simply didn't want to wait any longer because I kind of wanted to chat to you guys about my prom whilst it was still fresh in my brain, and also before absolutely everyone has had their prom so at least I have a few people I can share my tips with. Either way, I did manage to collect together a few of my favourite pictures, but these certainly are not all of them.
Prom was such an amazing night for me, and words cannot describe literally how I felt, because in some ways there was a whole cocktail of emotions running through my head, excitement, happiness and love (in a friendly way) were just a few of the emotions I felt throughout the night. As well as feeling overwhelmed that prom was really happening and also feeling slightly shocked that it was over so fast. Prom was one of the best nights of my life.
It all started the day before. Having my nails done at a local salon, I felt so special having my nails painted into a beautifully feminine French manicure. I mean, yes the small talk with the beautician was a bit awkward but the finished results were amazing. After having my nails done so beautifully, I waddled home like a penguin in order not to smudge them and basically had my mum look after me for the rest of the afternoon because we didn't want to ruin them before the big day. My mum painted my toe nails a lovely baby pink colour and we sat and watched music videos for the rest of the day.
After what felt like a very long night, prom day arrived. Most of the morning I spent bored out of my  mind, I even resorted to lining up all of my makeup in order ready for it's application later that evening, measuring the spaces between each product with a ruler just to waste some time. I think my mum could sense my boredom, so after spending much of the morning pacing the house she took me out for lunch before I had my hair done.
Lunch was quite big (a chilli jacket potato and salad) because I wasn't going to be having dinner that night, but it was absolutely delicious. Not to mention the heavenly iced caramel latte that me and my mum obsess over now. I then went to have my hair done. Hannah the stylist did a wonderful job, curling my mass of thick hair, attaching it into my floral crown and putting it into the most glamorous of messy side bun. I honestly felt like a princess.
Finally I got home. Spent an hour doing my makeup. 30 minutes putting my dress on *there are a lot of butttons okay?*. Then at last my Nana arrived, and after another 30 minutes of taking photos of me, it was time to leave.
We went to my friend Katie's house for pre-prom drinks. It was very overwhelming due to the sheer amount of people that were there. From us girls all glammed up, to the parents having a proud moment and taking what felt like 10 billion photographs *there were a lot of photographs taken on this day*. After finishing our glasses of prosecco and the parents being 100% happy with the snaps that they had taken it was time to get into the limo.
In the limo I was in charge of the music, I will be honest and say I was a bit of a failure at being a DJ, but the music provided wasn't the best. Note to anyone hiring a limo anytime soon, take your own CDs. We also had a police car stop next to our limo on the way and we honestly thought that our driver *good ol' Grant* was in trouble, but the lovely police officer was just checking we were okay because we weren't sure where the entrance of our venue was.
Once we got there and waded through the crowd of beautifully dressed people from our year whilst grabbing a complimentary drink and having our bags searched, the prom begun. At first I thought that nobody was going to get up and dance, but after everybody had fully settled down, people started to let their hair down a little. By the end of the night we were all on top of the world. Everybody was being so lovely and the only thing that was bothering us was our feet. It was time to rest them...
After we all got changed out of our wonderful dresses, which we will probably never wear again,  everyone came around mine for a sleepover and a bit of an after party *everyone being eight of my closest friends*. We had a great evening, chatting, laughing and listening to music until silly hour in the morning. It was about midday that everybody left delirious on the half an hour sleep that we all got, but in the end it was totally worth it.
I still cannot believe it is over but it was certainly one of the best nights of my life!
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Thursday, 3 July 2014

24 things... Summer Bucket List #2014bloggerchallenge

First things first, I am starting a new series type thing called "24 things..." for whenever I want to do a list type thing on my blog. This is because I like the number 24, firstly, because it is a multiple of 8, and 8 is my lucky number; secondly, because there are 24 hours in a day and thirdly because it is one less than 25 which is quarter of 100 but 25 is too overused so 24 seems cooler. Now I've rambled on about numbers for a short while and made myself seem just a little bit weird I will move on to what this post is really about...
This post is another #2014bloggerchallenge, and today we were told to write a summer bucket list, and as I wanted to write one anyway, this challenge is absolutely perfect for me.
Picture sources: Weheartit
  1. Go to the beach... This is already happening hopefully but I thought I would write it on here anyway.
  2. Camp in my back garden
  3. Watch the sunrise... This time I'll make sure I wake up on a clear day so I can actually watch it for real.
  4. Have a water fight with my friends.
  5. Have a water balloon fight with my friends.
  6. Eat a whole tub of ice-cream to myself *A girl can dream right?*
  7. Actually read The Hunger Games... I have refused to until now.
  8. Go to see The Inbetweeners 2 Movie  *it is happening guys!!*
  9. Dip my toes in the sea, because I am way to scared to swim in it.
  10. Have a blackout day!! The monopoly will be making it's way out after a Hungry Hippos tournament.
  11. Blog everyday of August... This is already happening!!
  12. Pop some popcorn over an open fire.
  13. Roast marshmallows in the garden with my friends.
  14. Eat sushi.
  15. Go to an outdoor swimming pool in England *all fellow Englishman will know how much of a big deal this is.*
  16. Play messy twister... You know? The one wear you put paint onto the twister mat?!
  17. Make gummy bear and sprite ice lollies because I've seen them all over Weheartit, pinterest and tumblr yet know nobody that has tried them!
  18. Make a fruit kebab... yummy!!
  19. Have a party on a bouncy castle *Emily... you better make this happen!!*
  20. Write a summer diary, recording all of my adventures.
  21. Actually write a few DIY posts for my blog because this is my only failure of a New Years Resolution.
  22. Actually save money rather then spend it.
  23. Stretch everyday to become more flexible... Touching my toes is very challenging I will have you know.
  24. Create a quote book, because it's cheaper then buying one *winky face*.
What do you want to do this summer?
EmilyBelleBlogs x

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Wisdom Wednesday #12- Living the dream

Hello Everybody,
Today's Wisdom Wednesday is all about living your dreams, rather than sitting back and watching your life drift past. I was inspired to use this as a topic after coming across the band Only The Young, who have just started living their dream after doing their first stadium gig at The Capital Summertime Ball. If you want to be inspired by them also, you can watch their story here.
Photo credit to Emily Richardson, editing by yours truly *of course* ;)
The idea of this quote is that it is absolutely pointless not doing what you want and just letting yourself let life carry you away and aging without achieving any of your lives aspirations. The part if the quote that says "You can get what you want" doesn't necessarily mean you can get that ASOS scarf that you wanted but it does mean that nobody is stopping you from following your dreams.
A good example for this is that people at my age are going through the process of choosing the right AS Levels for them, but many of whom have got their head so tied into getting into a Russell Group University because they are more recognised, that many people are giving up on their true aspirations, because those universities will not be interested in the courses that they'd much rather do. I know plenty of people who dream about acting but haven't taken drama purely because it wouldn't get them into one of the big universities. It is fair enough if your aspiration is to join a Russell Group university but you shouldn't have to change all of your life plans just to get into one.
I have personally always been one to follow my dreams. I plan. I know what I need to do to follow my dreams. This is because I feel as if my meaning in life is not to do things to impress others but to do things to fulfil my life long wishes. Besides, what is the point in growing up wishing you had done something but not doing it because you couldn't be bothered? We should all be able to do what we want in life to follow our dreams *obviously only if it is sensible* and of course we are going to encounter some obstacles that will make our dream following difficult. Nobody said it would be easy, but I also heard that personal satisfaction at the end of it feels really good.
Don't be afraid to follow your dreams.
EmilyBelleBlogs x    

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

June Favourites

It's the first of another month, yep, it's the first of July which means it is time for another good ol' favourites post. To be honest, June has been the quickest month so far for me, probably because lots of great things have happened, but I also spent the first couple of weeks completing my GCSE exams.


My beauty favourite this month is the Benefit Porefessional, although I haven't worn it loads, on the special occasions I have worn it is has worked wonders. I'm not going to go into full details about it because I will do a full review on it soon, but I actually picked it up as a sample in the Elle magazine last month, which was a life saver and money saver for my prom makeup which I was very happy about.


My fashion favourite of this month is another shirt like last month but this time it is a little floral smock shirt from Primark. The reason I love it so much is because it is super loose and light which is perfect for warmer days, but is also perfectly comfortable. Not only that but even though it was a bargain from Primark I have had so many compliments on it lately which makes me believe that even cheap clothes can look just as nice as designer clothes when you are on a budget.


This summer I have set myself a personal challenge of trying new foods, therefore a couple of days ago whilst I was in Wagamama's I thought that rather then having the usual Beef Teriaki I thought that I would try the Duck Ramen, and oh my, it was absolutely delicious. Also, I thought it was so cool that I got to eat it in the traditional way with some chopsticks and a ladle type thing.


The first great thing that happened this month was completing my GCSEs and a picnic that I had with my friends (which I did a post about). I then had my school prom which was probably the best night of my life and being all glammed up felt so special. It was also great to spend that night with my friends after too because it made the evening even more special, although I cannot believe that after so much preparation it is already over. Also, I went on my first run in ages with my friends, which was an experience *Louisa if you are reading this you will know what I mean*. We also went to the carnival quiz being the naïve teenage girls we are, little did we know that we were going to end up in the local newspaper, ew! Finally, I went to see The Fault in Our Stars, but more on that in my next category.


My favourite song of this month has got to be All of the Stars by Ed Sheeran which is played in the final credits of The Fault  in Our Stars, which by the way is the most beautiful film I have ever seen, but also very moving and emotional.
 I hope you all enjoyed the month of June and look forward to July.
EmilyBelleBlogs x