Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Beauty Wars... Hand Food Vs Bodyshop Handcream

The other day I realised two things, firstly, today is technically the day I start daily blogging, which is kind of frightening, and also that my Beauty Wars posts have always been my most popular, even though I haven't done one recently at all.
Therefore, welcome to my daily blogs, which will continue until the 31st of August. Also, I have a beauty wars post for you today on a couple of my favourite handcreams, so hopefully you enjoy it. Lets get started...
The products that are competing against each other in today's beauty wars are the Soap&Glory Hand Food and the Bodyshop Almond Hand & Nail Cream. I will be doing 3 categories, which are... packaging, scent and doing it's job!


The packaging for the Hand food is actually really good. It's a plastic tube with a cap that has one of those controllable silicon nibs, so when you squeeze the tube when the product comes out it doesn't go absolutely everywhere. It is also a very durable tube, so it is easy to take around with you.
The Bodyshop handcream is in a foil type tube, which has to have the product squeezed to the bottom of the tube after each use. It also has a screw cap so it can get a little bit messy. Also, I have found holes in the foil tube packaging which for a while was very very messy.
Therefore my vote goes to Hand Food for this round!!
Hand Food 1- Bodyshop 0


Hand Food is made with Shea Butter, Macadamia Oil and Marshmallow. It doesn't smell massively magnificent. It smells quite soapy and fresh, so it doesn't really blow my mind.
The Body Shop handcream however is amazing because the one I have is Almond flavoured, which I love because almonds smell so sweet and yummy. I've also heard that Bodyshop have released/are releasing new handcreams in different flavours which is very exciting.
For this my vote goes to the Bodyshop handcream!!
Hand Food 1- Bodyshop 1

Doing it's job...

The Hand Food does do it's job for a few hours so it gives me lovely, soft and moisturised hands.One problem with the Hand Food however is that it is quite a slimy handcream which I find very annoying because I don't like smearing grease everywhere I will be honest.
The Bodyshop handcream isn't as greasy, in fact, I feel like it's effect lasts longer then Hand Foods, and I feel as if the handcream actually sinks into my hands rather then sits on top ready to slide off once it gets a bit hot outside, or you need to do something.

Therefore, the winner is the Bodyshop Almond Hand & Nail Cream! Winning 2-1 against Soap&Glory Hand Food. Don't get me wrong both handcreams are very good but personally for me I prefer Bodyshop's handcream.
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