Thursday, 24 July 2014

Jica Lash* Product Review

Hello my little sugar muffins! How are we all? I have a little review for you all that I'm hoping you will all be interested in...
A few weeks a go I was contacted by Tribal Media PR company to try out this lash extending product made by a company called Jica, called Jica Lash*. Considering I am actually fairly afraid of normal fake lashes *I know eyelash glue can't permanently glue my eyelids together, but we all have fears, okay?* I was really intrigued by this product.
The pictures don't do the product justice, I'm just the worst eye photographer in the world xx
Jica Lash* is basically a little bottle of little black fibres, that once put on your eyelashes, it gives you and natural looking long and full eyelashes. I personally really think this does the job, and although I do seem to be blessed with quite long eyelashes already, I do like the added length and volume for a touch of glamour.
To use this product you have to apply some of your regular mascara first, in my case I used The Rocket Volume mascara by Maybelline, apply the fibres like you would with mascara, and then seal them in with another coat of mascara. The fibres are also best applied looking down at a mirror, because otherwise it can get a bit messy and you'll have fibres stuck to your face, which not only ruins the rest of your makeup but also makes you look like you have had one gigantic sneeze after applying your mascara. But, if Jica Lash is applied right this sneeze face doesn't seem to be too much of an issue. One thing I should warn you about however, is that if you have a random eyelash that points down like I do, your eyes might itch a bit because product is going in your eyes, try not to rub your eyes because more product will get in them, and  if you leave them alone the feeling should going away a few minutes after applying.
You can buy the product here for £13.95 which I honestly don't think is a bad price considering the product has no expiry date, and seems to me that it will be a good while before I run out. There seems to be a lot of product in the bottle considering you don't need much for each eye, so I think for £13.95 it is quite a beauty product investment.
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