Sunday, 20 July 2014

My holiday to Majorca (Part 1)

Hello Everybody,
If you haven't realised already this post is actually a day late. To be honest I kind of forgot about it and as I have been super busy it didn't really happen. But, I have made it onto the scene today with the post that was planned for yesterday.
Last week I went to the beautiful Majorca with my family, which I am very grateful for. I had an amazing trip and really wanted to share some of the photos of the trip with you. I am going to do this post in two parts however, otherwise it could become rather long and I have a fair few photographs I wish to share with you from my trip away.
Warning!! Picture heavy post!!
The first day was spent mostly travelling, so we didn't really get up to much apart from go to Starbucks in the airport (how could I forget that), fly, drive and then explore the area in which we were staying in, and unpack all of our bits and bobs, so it wasn't that interesting.

 On the second day however, we went for a bit more of an explore in town. Although, first we had to check out our facilities and had a morning swim and sunbathe, which was absolutely lovely. At first the swimming pool was cold but if you got into it without thinking about it too much it was in fact very refreshing.
After a relaxing morning we went into town, walking the long way round because at this point we hadn't worked out the quickest route to the beach. On the way I picked up a sunhat because it wasn't until I got to Majorca that I realised the snapback that I bought when I was 12 was far too small, however, if I had engaged my brain I probably would have worked that out earlier.
The beach was absolutely glorious. With sunbeds and parasols going across miles of white sandy beaches and people on peddle boats and banana boats in the sea, I was thoroughly breathe-taken. Or at least, I certainly was when my dad persuaded me to walk over a Jetty which had rather large gaps between each plank. By the way, if you don't know already, open water frightens me quite a lot, mainly because of not knowing what is in the water, so I was quite scared of the Jetty.
After a brilliant break at the seaside it was dinner time, so we stopped a KFC for a family bucket, before heading off to get ready for an evening at a local English bar, which was very lovely.

 The next day, we went into the port, again after spending the morning by *and in* the pool. The port was amazing, and I thoroughly wished I had the money that some of these people had to buy such spectacular looking yachts. We then walked on the beach for a little while, whilst as usual, I was trying to be all arty with my camera.

On the fourth day, which was the Thursday, my family and I took a trip to the capital, Palma. First of all we had a look at all of the street art which I highly recommend you wonder around, just to check out the staggering talent that runs throughout the city. We then went into the cathedral, which was very beautiful and had the most amazing stain-glass windows and high ceilings I have ever seen.
After spending a good half hour or so in the Cathedral and getting a bit lost in the city, my family split up for a little shop around. I did look in MAC with my mum but the prices were poor and I ended up purchasing from duty free on the way home instead. But my mum and I did enjoy a nice refreshing frozen yogurt.
When we got back, we had dinner at the local English bar, which was very yummy, and had some fun playing some quizzes there before going back to our apartment early and watching The Inbetweeners before bed.

I hope you enjoyed part one of my holiday post and part two will be going up next Saturday. Also, congratulations if you made it this far down, because I am pretty sure this is one of the longest blog posts that I have ever written.
EmilyBelleBlogs x