Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Sick Day Essentials

Guys! It happened, I got ill, or a bad cold, but for me it is a pretty big deal considering I never ever get ill. Anyway, whilst I spent the morning feeling sorry for myself I decided to make a blog post for what people might essentially need when they are feeling pooey. Whether your ill or just feeling lazy most of these things can apply for both.
The first thing I did when I finally rolled out of bed feeling disgusting was that I had a cup of tea. For me I always feel like a nice hot drink always makes me feel a bit better, with a slice of toast and glee on the TV, at least I knew I could spend the morning chilling.
At around lunchtime I was actually feeling worse, I don't really know why but I just kind of felt horrid. So I had some Thai Style Chicken Ramen *mmm... I love me some ramen* whilst chilling in my bed, watching old youtube videos, with my French Lavender Yankee candle lighted, because it smells absolutely amazeballs. Also, I find Lavender is relaxing and clears my airways. I also had a yogurt for a dessert type thingy.
I also made sure I was stocked up with tissues because my nose was dripping like a tap and that I also had some Strepsils (blackcurrent is my favourite flavour) because my throat had been sore for quite a few days, and not only do they soothe your throat but they also help fight any virus or infection that you may have.
Finally, I like to stress that is important you go outside for a while. Fresh air can work wonders on your body and it is so refreshing. I went to the park with my bestie, and although  I wasn't feeling 100% we had a good afternoon and I felt quite rejuvenated. Of course, I had a refreshing shower before going out and sharing my germs with the world.
I also want to say that you should take it easy, don't do nothing, but also do not give yourself too many things to do. I did this and ended up spending about an hour curled up on my bed having a bit of a cry and wobble because I had too much to do and didn't feel well enough to do them all. Also, I am that sort of person who likes structure, so if I have plans but can't go ahead with them because I feel ill I get very overwhelmed. Enough with that story though, I just wanted to say that it is important that you ensure you have plenty of time to yourself to recover if you are ever feeling poorly, and if you can't follow through with all of your plans then don't worry, you can do it another day, your health is more important.
If you are feeling under the weather then I hope you get better soon.
Toodles (and I love you all)
EmilyBelleBlogs x