Saturday, 5 July 2014

The Prom Post

I was waiting until we had some of our official photos up to do this post *as in, they were taken by a nice camera* but unfortunately they are nowhere to be seen, and I simply didn't want to wait any longer because I kind of wanted to chat to you guys about my prom whilst it was still fresh in my brain, and also before absolutely everyone has had their prom so at least I have a few people I can share my tips with. Either way, I did manage to collect together a few of my favourite pictures, but these certainly are not all of them.
Prom was such an amazing night for me, and words cannot describe literally how I felt, because in some ways there was a whole cocktail of emotions running through my head, excitement, happiness and love (in a friendly way) were just a few of the emotions I felt throughout the night. As well as feeling overwhelmed that prom was really happening and also feeling slightly shocked that it was over so fast. Prom was one of the best nights of my life.
It all started the day before. Having my nails done at a local salon, I felt so special having my nails painted into a beautifully feminine French manicure. I mean, yes the small talk with the beautician was a bit awkward but the finished results were amazing. After having my nails done so beautifully, I waddled home like a penguin in order not to smudge them and basically had my mum look after me for the rest of the afternoon because we didn't want to ruin them before the big day. My mum painted my toe nails a lovely baby pink colour and we sat and watched music videos for the rest of the day.
After what felt like a very long night, prom day arrived. Most of the morning I spent bored out of my  mind, I even resorted to lining up all of my makeup in order ready for it's application later that evening, measuring the spaces between each product with a ruler just to waste some time. I think my mum could sense my boredom, so after spending much of the morning pacing the house she took me out for lunch before I had my hair done.
Lunch was quite big (a chilli jacket potato and salad) because I wasn't going to be having dinner that night, but it was absolutely delicious. Not to mention the heavenly iced caramel latte that me and my mum obsess over now. I then went to have my hair done. Hannah the stylist did a wonderful job, curling my mass of thick hair, attaching it into my floral crown and putting it into the most glamorous of messy side bun. I honestly felt like a princess.
Finally I got home. Spent an hour doing my makeup. 30 minutes putting my dress on *there are a lot of butttons okay?*. Then at last my Nana arrived, and after another 30 minutes of taking photos of me, it was time to leave.
We went to my friend Katie's house for pre-prom drinks. It was very overwhelming due to the sheer amount of people that were there. From us girls all glammed up, to the parents having a proud moment and taking what felt like 10 billion photographs *there were a lot of photographs taken on this day*. After finishing our glasses of prosecco and the parents being 100% happy with the snaps that they had taken it was time to get into the limo.
In the limo I was in charge of the music, I will be honest and say I was a bit of a failure at being a DJ, but the music provided wasn't the best. Note to anyone hiring a limo anytime soon, take your own CDs. We also had a police car stop next to our limo on the way and we honestly thought that our driver *good ol' Grant* was in trouble, but the lovely police officer was just checking we were okay because we weren't sure where the entrance of our venue was.
Once we got there and waded through the crowd of beautifully dressed people from our year whilst grabbing a complimentary drink and having our bags searched, the prom begun. At first I thought that nobody was going to get up and dance, but after everybody had fully settled down, people started to let their hair down a little. By the end of the night we were all on top of the world. Everybody was being so lovely and the only thing that was bothering us was our feet. It was time to rest them...
After we all got changed out of our wonderful dresses, which we will probably never wear again,  everyone came around mine for a sleepover and a bit of an after party *everyone being eight of my closest friends*. We had a great evening, chatting, laughing and listening to music until silly hour in the morning. It was about midday that everybody left delirious on the half an hour sleep that we all got, but in the end it was totally worth it.
I still cannot believe it is over but it was certainly one of the best nights of my life!
EmilyBelleBlogs x