Thursday, 10 July 2014

What is in my Hand Luggage/carry-on bag?

With summer now fully underway and many people jetting off to exotic locations, or preparing for their holiday I thought that it would appropriate for me to show with you guys what I would put in my hand luggage. Also, how are you guys enjoying my very summery theme on my blog at the moment? I'm loving it, and it's making me feel very spirited.
First I should start with saying that if I am going on a short haul flight I literally will not bother carrying any liquids because it is a lot of bother, so I do actually travel with barely any of my normal essentials. I also do not wear makeup in the air because skin tends to dehydrate in higher altitudes and stuff.
In my front pockets I don't actually carry much, in fact all I carry is my camera in my front pockets because that way it is easy to reach and it is also an essential for me to carry my little digital camera. You never know when you might want to take a picture so don't put it away in your suitcase. I mean... You can't not take a cliche photo of the plane wing in the cloudy sky.
In my next pocket I like to carry a couple pairs of sunglasses. Having two may seem weird but I honestly broke my sunglasses on the first day of my holiday last time I went abroad and did mot prepare myself with another pair. I was very upset. I also carry some tissues, because there is nothing worse then having a snotty sneeze on the plane and having nowhere to catch it. Ew gross!
In my main pocket I firstly carry a couple of books and magazines. This keeps me occupied throughout the flight because I prefer not to think about how high I am in the sky whilst flying. I also keep my purse and mobile phone in the main pocket because you can't not have those everyday essentials. It is also important that you have a bit of both currencies in your purse because you don't want to be caught in a sticky situation with the wrong money. I also carry my Ipod and headphones, so I can listen to music and block out any airplane noises. People can become quite annoying after an hour or so.
Also, be it childish or not I like to carry my teddy with me. Yes, I am sixteen and carry a teddy! Firstly, a teddy is comforting and reminds you of home, and also the teddy smells of home. Not only that, but my teddy makes a rather nifty pillow, so if I need to sleep at least I am prepared for that too.
What do you take in your hand luggage?
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