Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Wisdom Wednesday #12- Living the dream

Hello Everybody,
Today's Wisdom Wednesday is all about living your dreams, rather than sitting back and watching your life drift past. I was inspired to use this as a topic after coming across the band Only The Young, who have just started living their dream after doing their first stadium gig at The Capital Summertime Ball. If you want to be inspired by them also, you can watch their story here.
Photo credit to Emily Richardson, editing by yours truly *of course* ;)
The idea of this quote is that it is absolutely pointless not doing what you want and just letting yourself let life carry you away and aging without achieving any of your lives aspirations. The part if the quote that says "You can get what you want" doesn't necessarily mean you can get that ASOS scarf that you wanted but it does mean that nobody is stopping you from following your dreams.
A good example for this is that people at my age are going through the process of choosing the right AS Levels for them, but many of whom have got their head so tied into getting into a Russell Group University because they are more recognised, that many people are giving up on their true aspirations, because those universities will not be interested in the courses that they'd much rather do. I know plenty of people who dream about acting but haven't taken drama purely because it wouldn't get them into one of the big universities. It is fair enough if your aspiration is to join a Russell Group university but you shouldn't have to change all of your life plans just to get into one.
I have personally always been one to follow my dreams. I plan. I know what I need to do to follow my dreams. This is because I feel as if my meaning in life is not to do things to impress others but to do things to fulfil my life long wishes. Besides, what is the point in growing up wishing you had done something but not doing it because you couldn't be bothered? We should all be able to do what we want in life to follow our dreams *obviously only if it is sensible* and of course we are going to encounter some obstacles that will make our dream following difficult. Nobody said it would be easy, but I also heard that personal satisfaction at the end of it feels really good.
Don't be afraid to follow your dreams.
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