Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Wisdom Wednesday #14 Make new experiences!

Hello Everybody,
The idea for today's post was actually something that sparked from me thinking back to something that I did whilst I was on holiday. I was in fact in Majorca with my family for the whole of last week and it was certainly bliss. Whilst I was away I completed something that was on my Summer Bucket List, and that was to dip my toes in the sea. This however was the one thing on my list that I was most frightened of, mainly because I have a fear of open water, what's in it and whether it is safe, it means I even struggle walking on piers and jettys. But I wanted to do it, and you know what? It was actually really nice. I actually went deeper than just putting my toes in and went in as far as my hips, so that is when I thought, surely we can't know what true happiness is without experiencing new things?
This quote really is something special. Yes I have had previous quotes talking about dancing in the rain, however this one is different. I am the type of person who will hide from bad whether. I will sit and wallow on my bed, drinking hot chocolate in my biggest, most disgusting but most comfy jumper waiting for the sun to come back out. Unfortunately for me, I live in England *I actually really love my country* and this means that my wallowing days are far more often then necessary. It is true that I believe people will sometimes need a day to just curl up and kick themselves for mistakes that they've made, or opportunities they have missed. But I also believe that if we keep ourselves busy, try new things, our lives would be so much more positive.
The unknown is probably a humans biggest fear. We over-think everything, particularly now when everybody seems extra cautious about everything, but there has been a point in our lives when we have said "health and safety this, health and safety that". Health and safety is implemented for completely rational reasons. Therefore when we stop taking on new opportunities for the fear of the unknown, we are more than likely completely safe, and the boundaries we are putting in front of us are quite irrational really. Of course, not everything goes right, but what would life be without mistakes? We learn from them, and become a stronger person because of them.
Trying new things is the peak of happiness. Without trying new things we will never know what true happiness is. Stepping into that sea for the first time was probably one of the best feelings I have ever felt. Yet, without stepping into that sea I would have never experienced that feeling. Try new things, and you may discover a whole new emotion you have never felt before. Sure, some things won't be perfect, but there is always something else. Nobody has found every single thing and experience that makes them happy yet. So go out searching for it. Try new things... Have the best summer ever *so far*!
EmilyBelleBlogs x