Thursday, 7 August 2014

4 Quick and Easy Summer hairstyles!

Hello Hello!
Firstly, I would like to say thank you for all of the comments on yesterdays blog post, it actually really surprised me as I didn't think yesterdays blog post was very good compared to most of my Wisdom Wednesday posts, but I only have myself to blame. I made the daft mistake of downloading the Kardashian game, without realising quite how addicting and time consuming it would be. This means that yesterday, when I was writing my post, I was very very distracted by something that I can only describe as the only mobile phone game that I have ever got hooked on.
Anyway, before I bellow on with a poor example of an excuse as to why I really didn't try very hard on yesterdays post *which I may edit and make better this evening*. I will get onto the more important thing... and that is the Kardashian Game... I joke! I'm really going to be showing you some quick and easy hairstyles that will be easy to do for most lengths of hair whilst it is still hot.

Hairstyle 1

Plaits! This has been my go to hairstyle at the moment because it stops my thick hair from wrapping itself around my neck and making me get very hot. I would also say that it is quite a preppy hairstyle, so I will most probably have my hair like this a lot when I go back to school, as I feel like the preppy look is making a come back. It is quite easy for me to create as I already have a middle parting. So, firstly I split my hair straight down the middle into two, I then split one half into three and do a regular braid *right to centre, left to centre, right to centre, left to centre...* I then tie off the plait with a regular hair band and repeat this on the other side of my head.

Hairstyle 2

Hairstyle 2 is a wavy half-up do where instead of having a regular pony tail on top of my head, I have twisted my hair up into a doughnut. To do this look I sleep with damp *not wet* plaits in my hair so that once I wake up and untie the plaits my hair is nice and wavy. I then section the hair from above my ear to the top of my head. I gather it into my hand and twist it on top of my head into a doughnut shape. I then put a hair band over it to secure the look and occasionally to give it some extra security I add a few more bobby pins.

Hairstyle 3

This is a trend that has been seen at all of the latest fashion shows and that is the bobble pony, which has been seen done by Valentino. It is super easy because all you have to do is put your hair into a low pony tail and then put more hair bands on to the pony tail about an inch apart from the last, and then give the hair in between each hair band a bit of a tug to create more volume. I only put one bobble into my hair as my hair is fairly short but you can make as many bobbles as you want. It is also great because it keeps hair together more, stopping it from slopping all around your neck.

Hairstyle 4

Finally Hairstyle 4 is just like Hairstyle 2 only simpler, that is because rather then wrapping the hair you sectioned on top of you head into a doughnut, you are just going to leave it in a simple pony tail. I love this look because it is super girly and with the added beachy waves *which I give even more texture to by adding  salt spray* it is really summery and fun. Personally, I think this is the girly version of a half up hairstyle and Hairstyle 2 is a more edgy version.

I hope you enjoyed today's post and you have all been given a few more ideas of what to do with your hair this summer. Remember, sometimes the simplest of looks look the best.
EmilyBelleBlogs x