Saturday, 23 August 2014

Back to School Supplies Haul

Hello Everybody,
Probably the best part of going back to school is the supply shopping, where you can get all of the bits and bobs you might need to keep you going throughout the year. Although there is absolutely no doubt that you would've ran out of pens by Christmas because they have been lost, stolen or broken. But, it is still super fun, shopping for new supplies for school, and as I am going into sixth form to study my A Levels I thought that it was important that I bought lots of bits and pieces that could keep me organised throughout the next couple of years, because there is no doubt that I want to excel in my subjects.
The first place I went for some stationary shopping was Sainsbury's, who do in fact have quite a good range of back to school supplies at the moment. Firstly, I picked up a multicoloured academic diary for my homework. I am unsure as to whether my school supply the sixth formers with homework diaries like they have in previous years, so I thought I'd rather be safe then sorry and pick one up anyway. The diary is a view to a week, which I am hoping will be plenty of room, and when I have used it a few times I may do a planner organisation post for you all. I also picked up a pink butterfly patterned binder, which I will most probably use to keep all of my notes, exercise sheets and revision in order.
I then went to ASDA to pick up the rest of my school supplies as they currently have a massive back to school range and have a fair few deals going on. The first few things I picked up were, some dividers, to keep my binder nice and organised. I then picked up some filler paper to keep at the back of my binder, because you never know when you'll need some paper.
I then picked up a white pencil case that has a pink floral design on it, I only really picked it up because it looked pretty, but I also needed a replacement pencil case because my pencil cases always get really gross on the inside. To put into my pencil case I got some Black Bic Pens, because you always need new black pens. I then picked up some Bic HB Pencils, that also came with an eraser, because I always need new pencils as I seem to always drop them and break them. I also picked up some BIC highlighters because a girl can never have enough highlighters, they came in a pack of, orange, green, blue, yellow and pink. I then picked up a pack of 12 colouring pencils in case I do decide to become a bit creative and use pencils. Finally I picked up a Pink Pritt Stick, firstly because it is pink and secondly because cheap glue sticks never seem to make anything stick.
What have you bought for you new school year this year? Or if you no longer go to school have you bought any new stationary lately?
EmilyBelleBlogs x