Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Breaking Bloggers Block!!

Hello Everybody,
Recently, I've got a few questions saying, how can you blog everyday, or keep yourself on a schedule if you feel uninspired? And I thought to myself, "It is time to break bloggers block's butt!". To be honest, I have always been a fairly motivated person, who can stick to a routine. But, there have been points when I have struggled, and I'm sure there have also been times when my blog has suffered a little because of it.
But, I also feel like there is no need to let bloggers block beat you, because we also have those days when we feel completely inspired, and excited almost! There is no need to let your blog, or if you aren't a blogger, your writing, suffer because you feel like your brain is a mist and there is no way on Earth you will ever feel inspired again, because you will, and you have before!

Feeling inspired again...

The first thing I think is important about breaking bloggers block is to feel inspired again, even if it feels like being inspired again is going to be one of life's greatest challenges. There are so many ways you can go about feeling inspired again, reading a book; reading other blogs; watching youtube videos; actually going out and creating experiences you can blog about. There are so many ways you can do it.
One of my favourite ways of feeling inspired again is looking at pictures on weheartit and pinterest. There are so many creative people on these sites. From DIYs, to even ideas for going out, there is bound to be something on picture sites that can make you feel inspired. As they say, a picture has a thousand words. Even art may inspire you, looking at other things can make a world of difference to your own writing.
Reading magazines is another great way of getting inspiration. My favourite, and most inspiring magazine for my blog is the Company magazine. There are so many exciting elements in the magazine that can have your creative juices flowing. From their Beauty finds, to their Fashion edits, I honestly believe that you are bound to find something that will inspire you in the Company magazine. Or maybe even other magazines that have some kind of relation to the theme of your blog.

I always have a tonne of ideas, but never remember them...

I'm sure this is a key problem with many bloggers, and that is that in the evening, as you are gradually falling asleep they have a tonne of ideas for your blog. Not only can this effect your sleep, but you are most likely to forget about all of your amazing ideas the next morning. The way I combat this is by keeping an organiser diary. Ever since I have used a dairy for my blog I feel as if I have been very able to keep on track with my blog and never miss any of my bright ideas. If I have an idea, I will write it down in the notes section of my blogging diary and schedule it to a time that I think is good.
Not only does this mean it is a struggle for me to not have any ideas, but it also gives me time to think of a blog post in more detail, especially as I can have ideas in my blogging diary up to five months in advance, with spaces for any last minute "Eureka!" moments.

It's been ages, and I still have no idea what to write!

Sometimes you can be unlucky enough to be stuck in a rut for a very long time, and sometimes it might be because you are in fact trying too hard. If you still feel as if you are having the worlds biggest brain constipation *I had to say it, no matter how gross it sounds!*. It is probably time to ask yourself a few questions.
Firstly, ask yourself... "Do I enjoy blogging?" If the answer is no, or you find it too time consuming or stressful, then it might not be for you. It might be hard to come to terms with, but for most of us bloggers, blogging is a hobby and enjoyable. Blogging shouldn't become a chore and make you feel worthless because you don't know what to write. It is okay if you no longer want to blog anymore, don't do it just because it might seem trendy, or you are trying to prove to others that you can, because your happiness is much more important then what other people think.
If you do enjoy blogging then perhaps you should ask yourself, "Does my content really suit me?". Content of a blog should grow and change as your blog grows. You will notice that even on my blog that things have changed and that there is much more of a varied content on here. Just because you started off as a beauty blogger doesn't necessarily mean you have to write review after review, read other peoples blogs and get inspired for new ideas. You feeling uninspired might be just because you are choosing content that doesn't suit you.

What shall I write?

I also thought that I should list a few ideas of what to write if you just want some ideas to get you through a faze of feeling uninspired...
  • OOTDs are always easy, and good to use if you don't have many creative juices flowing.
  • What's In My Bag posts are also great because literally all you have to do is empty your bag and tell us what is in it.
  • Day In My Life posts are great to write, because all you are writing about is what you got up to, which is definitely something that we can all do, whether we feel inspired or not.
  • Instagram Roundups... literally, if you really cannot find anything to write about all you have to do is stick your latest Instagram posts on to your blog.
A great thing about using these quick and easy ideas is that they can also get you back into a blogging rhythm, and then you can set yourself a blogging routine and feel more motivated and inspired again.

I hope this post helps some of you with coping with Blogger's Block and I will see you tomorrow with a Wisdom Wednesday post.
EmilyBelleBlogs x