Friday, 15 August 2014

GUEST POST// Elizabeth's Summer Essentials

Hello Everybody,
Today is another guest post day, and today I have I have Elizabeth posting for me about her summer essentials, which although it is beginning to look more Autumnal outside I am hoping will help you guys out if you have any last minute summer plans, because let's face it, we need to start enjoying the rest of summer rather then wishing it away.
Hey, today I have a summer themed post for you lovely people. I am going to be showing you my summer essentials. So I hope you enjoy.

1) Sunscreen, Sunscreen is a must for the summer! Sun can really damage your skin, so always make sure you have a good sunscreen on.
2) Sunglasses, to keep the sun out of your face.
3) A bb cream, as it is so much lighter than a foundation.
4) Lotion/moisturiser, To keep your face moisturised.
5) After sun, to cool your skin after a long day of sun exposure.
6) Cute dresses, Cute dresses are a must!
7) Shorts, You definintly need shorts, to let your legs breathe.
8) Ice pops, Ice pops are perfect for summer to keep you cool!
9) Books, In case you don't have anything else to do.
10)crop tops, Let your belly be free!

11) Dry shampoo, just so your hair doesn't get greasy quickly.
12) Deodorant, To make sure you don't sweat.
13) Victoria secret spray, Any spray will be perfect! As long as you smell nice!
14) Lip balm- The sun can make your lips dry!

 I hope you have enjoyed this post, and make sure to come over and check my blog out, at
Elizabeth x
Thank you for this lovely post Elizabeth, and I am sure it will help some people out with some last minute summer shopping.
EmilyBelleBlogs x