Thursday, 14 August 2014

Healthy Alternative Snacks!!

We all do it... Stay in the house all day and scoff our faces with Doritos and Ben&Jerry's and then moan about our bodies later on. It is time for these habits to change. But whilst keeping everything we eat continually delicious, just not as fatty and unhealthy. Besides, the holiday season might be nearing the end but we don't want to feel sorry for ourselves because we lost the bikini body we were working towards for months. We want to look just as good all year round, or at least feel comfortable in our own bodies. That is why today I have put together a post of healthier alternative foods to what you may be eating at the moment.

Ice-cream --> Frozen Yogurt

Ice cream is many peoples pitfall in the summer because it is a nice cooling comfort food, but sometimes it is good to try a slightly healthier option, because ice-cream is full of sugar and fat, which is not only bad for our bodies and health, but can also effect our skin. Perhaps swapping your ice-cream to frozen yogurt would be a better option. It may not be necessarily healthy, but rather then containing cream it contains milk, which is much less fatty and on some occasions it can be completely fat-free. Also, many frozen yogurts use sugar alternatives such as honey and agave nectar instead. This is such a better option for comforting treat.

Ice-lolly --> Frozen fruit lollies

One example of a frozen fruit lolly is by putting some blueberries onto a skewer and dipping it into a low fat yogurt and then freezing it. It is such a great and quick idea that there is absolutely no need to go out to the ice-cream van every time you want a refreshing treat. Plus, it is so much healthier and you are getting one of your 5 a day. Although, if you don't like blueberries you can simply just freeze grapes, which is another refreshing and delicious ice lolly alternative.

Crisps --> Fruit

Okay... so fruit might not be quite crisps, but fruit is so much more healthier for you and there is so many different fruits to choose from, it doesn't necessarily have to be an apple or banana. A couple of my favourite fruit choices are strawberries and pineapple. Dried Fruit is also really nice, and great to carry around as a healthy snack. I really love the dried pineapple made by Urban Fruit, it is so delicious and easy to carry around.

But sandwiches are boring...

We all get bored of them at some point and although we know that sandwiches have always been a key to a balanced lunch, we don't want to eat them! So why not try some alternatives? Firstly, you could switch your bread around, for example, use a tortilla wrap instead of regular bread. Perhaps you might want to have a pasta salad instead of a sandwich *this has always been my favourite alternative*. Recently I have also been having toasted pitta bread dipped in low fat guacamole, as well as having some vegetables such as celery and carrots to the side to dip into the guacamole once I have finished my pittas.

I hope this post helped you think of some alternative snacks you could eat for the rest of this summer, and like usual, I will talk to you tomorrow.
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