Tuesday, 5 August 2014

My Top Five Favourite Films! #2014bloggerchallenge

Hello Everybody,
It's been A while since you've seen a blogger challenge post hasn't it?Well, that was because we all had a break from it  a couple of weeks ago because the girl who is running this wonderful challenge went on holiday. It was actually quite nice to have a short break from it for a little while because it is nice to think up some original content occasionally. Even though I am joining in with another blogging challenge very soon, but it's nice to have a bit of a challenge when something is your hobby so there you go.
Anyway, today's blogger challenge post is about my top five films, but in some ways I don't really have a top 5, but I have picked 5 of my favourites that all have a massive similarity too them... music! The musicals I have picked are all classics, apart from my most favoured film, which is still music based, but not a musical and is still fairly new compared to the others.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

How can anybody not love this film? It's such a sweet story and I feel like it has many morals behind it. It is definitely better then the remake called Charlie and the Chocolate Factory too, although both films are good I always think the originals are the best. Anyway, the moral is no matter what background you have or where you come from you can still be the one to make it to the top, which I think is very important for people to know to give them hope. I also saw this musical on stage which was amazing, 'Pure Imagination' will always be my all time favourite song.

The Sound of Music

Another one of my favourite musicals. I think it has only taken me until recently to fully understand the storyline of this film and to understand the history behind it, but I do feel like this has such a lovely ending, and definitely worth watching if you want a sing'a'long and a pick'me'up.

Mamma Mia

This is a slightly newer musical that has been put into a movie, yet it is such an upbeat film and I felt like I could sing along before I'd even seen it. Especially being that I always enjoyed ABBA songs from quite a young age, so hearing it put into the most incredible screenwrite is quite incredible. This is also on my wishlist to go and see on stage because I am sure it would be absolutely amazing. Also, one of my favourite actresses, Amanda Seyfried, plays one of the lead roles, Sophie, in the story which makes the movie 10x better. Amanda Seyfried is also the women who plays Cosette in Les Mis (another one of my favourites). If I was to have my life put into a movie I'd want Amanda Seyfried to play me, just saying.

The Wizard of Oz

This has always been my childhood favourite. It is the film that when on TV my Dad and I would sit and watch in the living room, and probably know it word for word because we've watched it so many times. Some people may call it cheesy, but I think it is just a very feel good film. I also went to see this be performed at The Westend and I was absolutely blown away, and even though I've watched Wicked at the Westend too, it just made me love The Wizard of Oz even more.

Pitch Perfect

I thought I would stick in one of my all time favourite films at the end, and that is Pitch Perfect. I love all of the modern songs in this film, and I also love how Beca has a modern day dilemma of not wanting to go to University, which I know goes through a lot of peoples minds. I also really love how it is a bit of a mixture of genres, chick-flick, rom-com and quite musical. I literally cannot wait to see the next one which is due to come out at some point next year. (15th May 2015 in the USA).

I also have many other favourites, from Despicable Me to The Fault in Our Stars, but I couldn't write about them all. But these seemed to have a running theme and were definitely the ones I picked up off of the film shelf in my house first.
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