Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Perfect Pairs #2014bloggerchallenge

Hello Everybody,
Today I have another post for the 2014 Blogger Challenge and boy is it becoming a challenge and this title is particularly challenging, especially because it is very very broad. I mean, perfect pairs, vague right? It could be your perfect pair of shoes, your perfect food pair, your perfect makeup pair, but I decided I wanted to do something fashiony, and this particular post is going to be quite autumnal, especially considering it has been a bit nippy lately.
Okay... so I know that we have another month until it's officially Autumn, but I was wearing my knitted cardigan and jeans today as I felt quite chilly this morning, and that's when I thought, don't cardigans and jeans look cute together? Cable knit cardigans and blue skinny jeans are my go to, I really want to be cosy, outfit.
Firstly let's talk about how handy cardigans are for this weather.Personally, I believe cardigans suited 3 levels of coldness *is that even a word?*. When you are warm, you can take it off, then if you get a bit cooler you can put it on, and then if you get even colder you can button it up. Handy isn't it?
Jeans are just jeans. If you don't own a pair then you might be a little bit cray *no offense*. Jeans are so simple to just dress up or down. They go with a lot of tops, from blouses to t-shirts. And there are all sorts of jeans to flatter all body types.
Overall, I believe jeans pair up very, very well with knitted cardigans. I know that me saying this might sound totally mad, but it's just so snuggly. Plus, when you are wearing both you are less exposed to the world. Therefore, we feel a lot less self-concious in what we are wearing.
Not only that, but the jeans and knitted cardigan look can be layered which is just amazing. Therefore, even when it gets deeper into the Autumn and Winter months, we can layer thicker coats over our jeans and knitted cardigan look, so we still look stylish when we remove our coats once we get inside.
I hoped you enjoyed this little ramble of how I think that cardigans and jeans are the perfect pairs and I will speak to you tomorrow with a Wisdom Wednesday post.
What are your perfect pairs?
EmilyBelleBlogs x