Sunday, 17 August 2014

Sunday Summary #3

*Sings* It's a Sunday, and I am going to summarise stuff for you, because it is the end of the week, and summary alliterates with Sunday, and I always do it for you!! Yep, I totally just made that into a song, I mean, if I could play the ukulele then I would record that and it would become a viral video, but I can't, so we won't. However, it is a Sunday, therefore I am still going to summarise my week for you, even though this is probably going to be the most boring summary you will ever hear from me, but never mind, I going to stick with my weekly tradition.

Sunday 10th August

Oh! Last Sunday! The day I experienced my first ever stressors of what it really feels like to make an entire roast dinner by yourself, not to mention the pressures of you family getting in the way every five minutes. I also learnt a valuable life lesson... that Aunt Bessie Yorkshire puddings only take 5 minutes in the oven, and not the extra 25 minutes I put in front of that *even A Level Food Tech students have food disasters*. To be honest though, I've never been the best at reading instructions, I tend to just do whatever I please, and in that moment I obviously wanted very crispy Yorkshire Puddings!
I also said Toodlepip to my Mum on Sunday as she was going away on a training course until Friday, which meant I was responsible for all of the housework *groan*.

Monday 11th August

I decided to invite Kelly round on the Monday, and we kind of just spent the day chatting and not doing a lot really. We did at one point go for a walk around the block because I needed to post my Grandad's birthday card, who will most probably be reading this right now *Hi Grandad! I hope you had a wonderful Birthday*. I'm not overly sure we particularly did much on this day, but I do know that it involved a lot of laziness, but that's what all girls do, right?

Tuesday 12th August

I actually thought that I was going to get very bored on this particular day because absolutely nobody was around apart from my brother so I felt like a bit of a lost cause. But, in the end my brother and I went to the local corner shop and chip shop, stocked up on a tonne of junk food and then went back home to watch the first two American Pie's, which were really funny and I had never seen them before.

Wednesday 13th August

Wednesday was probably the most boring for me because again nobody was around, including my brother. So I decided to do some of my school coursework, which I still need to do quite a bit more on but currently have no motivation to, but I'm hoping that a sudden "I want to do this work" mood will crop up soon because I need to get it completed before the term starts. Although in the evening my brother and I did order a burger and chips and watched American Pie: The Wedding.

Thursday 14th August

On the Thursday I went to Becca's with Louisa for the morning, which was quite nice because we got to chill, and sort out a few birthday present things. Afterwards I went to ASDA to pick up the ingredients that I needed to make the Mini Doughnuts. Then, once I got home and relaxed for a bit I made dinner for my family, which was gammon, egg and chips, which I think was actually very nice. Afterwards, my brother and I watched the final American Pie, which is The Reunion, which I think was very good.

Friday 15th August

Friday was a housework day for me, just to ensure the house looked extra presentable for my mum's return later on in the evening. I even baked the mini doughnuts for when she got back. Therefore by the time I ran down the train platform to greet her and she had returned home, we had a lovely evening ordering a pizza and watching Geordie Shore and the Big Brother Final.

Saturday 16th August

Finally, yesterday I had another quite relaxing day, but it was nice to have the whole family in the house all at once. In the afternoon my Dad and I went to ASDA to pick up some things for our dinner today and we also went to pick up a KFC for our dinner yesterday. We even tried one of those new Skittles Krushems, which was delicious I will add.

I hope you had a good week, and I hope that this week is good to you also.
EmilyBelleBlogs x