Sunday, 31 August 2014

Sunday Summary #5 and the end of Daily August!!

Hello Everybody,
Today is another Sunday Summary post but also the end of my daily blogging. But, don't threat because I do have some announcements, that might excite you... or might not, at the end of this post. But, before I get to that I thought it would be appropriate for me to summarise my week for the fifth and final time *for now*. Although, I am really wracking my brains as to what I have done this week, however I am sure it'll come to me.


I didn't think I did anything on this day, but according to Twitter I did. So firstly, I managed to successfully shave my legs without drawing blood, which is a big deal for me. I finished a big tub of marshmallows, what? I like them, okay? I then made a cake for my cousin who was having a Teddy Bears Picnic later on in the week. Later in the afternoon I went out with my family to a local pub, where they were holding a fete, so we enjoyed a bit of live music and tombola whilst sipping our drinks in the sunshine. We then grabbed some food, before we went home where we were visited by my cousins so they could pick up the cake.


It was a bank holiday on this day so my family and I went on a day out to a local city, which was very lovely. We wondered around the shops for a while, although I didn't pick anything up as I knew I was going shopping the following week (tomorrow). We then went to Wagamama's and I had a Duck ramen which was indeed delicious; then headed home.


On Tuesday I went to my friend Becca's with my friends Louisa, Katie and Kerry, where we all took part in the Ice Bucket Challenge as we had all been nominated. It was a very cold experience, but a good laugh at the same time.  I did donate by the way, in case anybody is worried about me only doing it to jump on some "cool" bandwagon, because that is not why I did it at all.


On Wednesday my whole family was at home, although we didn't really do tonnes. My mum and I went on our weekly shop, which always nice and refreshing. I then didn't really do a lot apart from be lazy for most of the day. However, I did manage to go through all of my clothes, and fill up a charity bag.


On Thursday Becca, Louisa, Kelly and I went to Kerry's. We had a lovely day just chatting in Kerry's bedroom, and I'm not too sure where the time went to be honest. I also ate a rabbit biscuit, which I do not recommend, and I have no idea why I did it, although it was only the tiniest nibble, so all was fine. We had a good laugh though.


On Friday I did a bit of TV catch up, watching Glee and all of my favourite soaps and medical dramas, I know, I live the best life. Also, I had a pajama day, and those days are always the best, no matter how uninteresting they are.


Yesterday was a pretty good day for me. Firstly my Mum and I went out to pick up my contact lenses from a local Specsavers, and I also finally found the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer which I have been looking to repurchase for months but haven't found anywhere. My mum and I then went to Subway, where I ordered the usual, if you know what it is leave it in the comments below? I then went to my Grandad's for a quick catch up and to give him his Birthday present.
Later in the evening I went to Emily's birthday party, and we had the best evening making s'mores, dancing around, and messing about with bubbles. As well as enjoying a hot dog or two. It was such a perfect evening and it was great to have everyone together.

Now I have summarised this week I guess it's time for the sad bit where I announce that my daily blogs are over. I will continue blogging *obviously* but unfortunately I cannot commit to everyday with Sixth Form and everything. But I have got some exciting things coming up, DIYs, better then ever posts that I am super excited to write, collaborations, and even a secret project I am working on with another blogger.
As well as that I am getting involved with this years #BigBlogmasProject2014 run by the amazing Cole, which means that I will be in fact blogging everyday again, but this time in December with some very wintery and festive topics which I am very, very excited about.
I hope you enjoyed my daily posts, and I thank you all for reading them. Before now 1000 pageviews a month felt incredible to me, but this month I have exceeded 2000 which makes me quite emotional. I also hit over 250 followers which is absolutely crazy, and I really want to thank you all for making me feel so happy about  my blog lately. Over the past month blogging has been a huge part of my life, and I felt like it has really developed and I have learnt to love it more and more. So, THANK YOU xx
EmilyBelleBlogs x