Sunday, 10 August 2014

Sunday Summary!

Hello Everybody,
It is time for another Sunday Summary post and what better then to do it when I am full on hysterically laughing about my last post headlining on a Morris Dancing site. Yep! I didn't ever think that what happen either. But thank you, because my pageviews are looking very lovely and sparkly this morning. I suppose I should stop rambling on about that though because then I would be revealing too much of my excitable self to you guys and you might get a little bit scared.
So, anyway, today is another Sunday Summary and I will be yet again telling you what I got up to this week, apart from blogging every single day, which I hope you would've noticed by now. So... let's jump on into it!!

Sunday 3rd August

Sometimes I really have to wrack my brains to remember what I did on certain days, but honestly, I don't think I did anything on this day. Sunday's have always been my chill and be lazy days, so I wouldn't be surprised if that was what I did on this day. Which seems really uninteresting, and it probably is, but... oh well! In fact,  I wasn't that lazy last Sunday because I remember getting up early, writing last weeks Sunday Summary and doing a load of work for a project type thing I have been working on lately.

Monday 4th August

I finally saw Louisa who I had pretty much not seen for 3 weeks because she was a lucky duck and went to Florida for a couple of weeks. Louisa and I headed to Becca's and on the way picked up some Egg and Cress sandwiches *I couldn't forget that bit*. At Becca's we did our usual crazy things which are play board games until we are physically pulling our eyeballs out because we can't deal with them any more and raid her biscuit tin. Yes!! Becca does have McVities Chocolate Digestives.

Tuesday 5th August

Tuesday was another one of those, productive, I'm doing work kind of days. Which, I did in fact thoroughly enjoy. Mainly, because I can finally say I have finished page 1 of my Food Tech coursework, and I will be doing page 2 tomorrow. I also completed more project work which was very rewarding. As well as that, I played hockey for the first time in yonks, which was so fun and I cannot wait until the new season now.

Wednesday 6th August

On the Wednesday my Mum and I went out to some local garden and tea room place which was so nice. So firstly my Mum and I had a cream tea which was very yummy, as I am quite partial to a nice sweet scone *sc'owwwh'ne* with delicious strawberry jam and clotted cream too. We then wandered around the gardens, which were beautiful with pear trees, beetroot and all these cute herb gardens and things, which I loved. Afterwards, we went to the supermarket and went on our weekly shop.

Thursday 7th August

I went to the cinema with Becca and Louisa to see the Inbetweeners. But before we did so we went to Subway for lunch, which was in fact very yummy, so considering I don't often like Subway was quite a surprise. Also, The Inbetweeners 2 was such a funny film, some scenes however were completely disgusting and I had to look away. But other then that it was a very good film.

Friday 8th August

On the Friday, Louisa came round mine for a Glee marathon, and is it just me or is Glee getting more and more emotional? We also had a really lovely chat and gossip like every girl does. So it was quite a relaxing day. I then spent the evening on my own with Spanish Pizza and Lilo & Stitch, which was perf!

Saturday 9th August

Finally, yesterday I had a lovely day chilling at home again, and I also did a lot of blog planning which has made me very excited for things that I am doing on here in the future. So, I hope you are excited too. I also went to Sainsbury's with my Mum because we needed to get some last little bits before she goes away for a week.

Anyway, that is all for my Sunday Summary post this week, and I hope you enjoyed this week as much as I did.
EmilyBelleBlogs x