Sunday, 24 August 2014

Sunday Sumnary #4

Hello Everybody,
Today is a Sunday which means it's time for another summary. I'm hoping that this summary will be a little more interesting this week because I have been up to a lot more then I had last week, and I have had a lot more fun this week. 


On Sunday I spent the morning chilling, blogging and not doing much. Then at around lunchtime my Dad made the most delicious chicken chasseur with asparagus and mustard mash. It was amazing! Then we went to see my Nan, which was really nice because we hadn't seen her in a long time. We also watched Grease whilst we were there, which is one of all time musicals.


On Monday I went stationary shopping with my Mum and brother. I enjoyed this a lot. Mainly because who doesn't love a bit of stationary shopping? We then went to a local hockey supply shop to get my brother some hand guards and a gum sheild. On the way home we had a Harvester for lunch. I must admit, I was a little bit gutted that they didn't have sweetcorn on their salad bar.


I went to Louisa's on this day with Becca. We had a nice morning chilling and ate our lunch in. We then went to a local Pets At Home so I could admire the chinchilla that they currently have there. I then found a bearded dragon and couldn't be more excited. They are just such majestic creatures. We then went to Matalan to look around all of the home stuff for something to do. I enjoyed this, I have always had a thing for looking at homeware. In the evening I went to hockey training where my best friend from my team broke the news to me that she was moving to a rival team *I will get her back!*.


Wednesday was a more relaxing day for me, although I did decide to make some Strawberry Shortcake Towers, which were in fact very tasty. But, the shortbread towers did then take most of the day to finish so I didn't get up to much else after then, apart from make dinner. I made pasta in tomato sauce with sausage bits and courgette and pepper. 


Thursday was the day most 16 years olds had been dreading since the beginning of June. It was results day. I was actually very happy with my results on Thursday and can officially say that I have finished and passed them all and can start my A Levels. After we all received our results and year book, and I was enrolled onto the Silver DofE we headed back to Becca's for a High School Musical marathon where we ate Clyde the Catapilla cake and marshmallows. I was also reunited with Katie, Kerry and Emily who had all been on holiday. 


Louisa, Becca, Katie and I had a nice day. Firstly was made some jelly around Becca's and make a tonne of it, and when I say I tonne I literally mean a tonne. We then went to Subway and I had the most delicious sub. I highly recommend a 6" Italian with Tuna, Toasted, and then with lettuce and tomato added to it. It will change your life, I promise. Afterwards we went back to eat the jelly, although once we got there we quickly found out that Becca's brother has eaten most of it. We also had a little venture into Becca's garage, it's rather weird and creepy in there. In the evening my family and I ordered a pizza from a local takeaway.


Yesterday I had another relaxing morning. I wrote two blog posts for you, as I was feeling incredibly kind, and did the DIY for yesterday's second post. I then went to a local pub for lunch with my dad which was very lovely. We then bought some ice ready for when we got home, because my mum had been nominated for for the fundraising phenomenon, the Ice Bucket Challenge. We then had a relaxing evening in.

And that was my week, I hope you all enjoyed your week and you are looking forward to the coming week and bank holiday tomorrow. 
EmilyBelleBlogs x