Saturday, 9 August 2014

The British Tag!

Good Day my dears,
Today as a very British patriotic teen I thought I would do the British Tag because it seems quite appropriate really. Also, it seems that my pageviews have gone up in countries that aren't Britain, which firstly is very exciting and secondly I feel like I need to introduce my Britishness to you guys. So... yeh! Let's get on with it!

How many cups of tea do you have a day? + How many sugars?

I would say I only really have 1 cup of tea a day, and that is only if I am lucky. I've only recently got into tea, so too much caffine for me makes me feel like I've slept for a week and have all of the energy in the world. Never have caffine past 5pm otherwise you most definitely will not sleep!! Also, I tend to have one sugar in my tea because I have a massive sweet tooth.

Favourite part of your roast...

The gravy!! How can anybody have a roast without the gravy? Honestly, if it was a thing then I would happily drink a cup of gravy because I love it so much. It in fact makes me very very sad when I go to a roast and there isn't an extra gravy boat in case you like your dinner swimming in it!! However, if I have cauliflower cheese (which I also love) then I don't put gravy on top of that because it washes all of the cheese sauce off of the cauliflower, and that is very sad.

Favourite dunking biscuit...

To be honest, my family don't seem posh enough to have a biscuit tin, which is very sad and when I move out I will ensure that I have a biscuit tin that is regularly filled up. But, if I was to dunk then I would choose McVities Chocolate Digestives. I know, I know... what's wrong with ASDA own brand? There is nothing wrong with them, but having a biscuit by an actual biscuit brand immediately makes the biscuit taste ten times more luxuary. Just me? Thought so.

Favourite quintessentially British pastime?

What the hell does quintessentially even mean? And what on Earth is classed as a British Passtime? *googles it* Morris Dancing, welly wanging, chasing cheese down hills. Nope! I really don't think I have a quintessentially British pastime. Wait... how about frolicking through corn fields? I haven't done that before but it seems like fun!

Favourite word?

Well... as I've said it already in this blog post already I'm in for a treat because I rarely get to use the word, but I love the word FROLICKING!!! It is just such a great word.

Cockney Rhyming Slang?

Up the apples and pairs... stairs. It's all gone Pete Tong... wrong. It's on your head... bread *okay I totally made up the last one!*.

Favourite Sweet?

Sherbet Dip Dab!! It is just amazing!! Sugar, Sugar and lollies!! What more could you want? I used to love it so much that my Dad nicknamed me Sherbet or Dip Dab or sometimes Sherbet Dip Dab if he was feeling generous. You just have to remember not to breathe it in because you will choke. Oh! And try to eat it without getting it all down you because that's an easy mistake to make, especially if there is a gust of wind *or have a habit of blowing on food even if it isn't hot... which I most definitely do not do!*.

What would your pub be called?

Hmmm... The Alpaca's Coat! It sounds cosy and I really like alpacas. Although vegans and vegetarians may have a thing or two against the name. But look... if an alpaca didn't have their coat shaved every once in a while they would sweat there butts off, so I think it is perfectly okay. It's just like us having our hair cut basically.

No.1 British person?

The Queen!! Although I'm not 100% sure she is completely British because I know the royal family have some German heritage, but she's British enough. So... yeh... The Queen! Or Prince William, because he still works hard to get his dream jobs and gives away all of his salary to charity which I think is an amazing sentiment.

Favourite Shop/Restaurant?

Well... shop wise I quite like Jack Wills. I only own one thing from them but I just love the fact that their changing rooms are like bedrooms. It's sooo fancy and cool. Restaurant wise, I am quite partial to a Beefeater. How can you not be a fan of Beefeaters with an unlimited salad bar and bottomless soft drinks? Hell to the yeh!

Which british song pops into your head?

The National anthem. duh?!


Like! Ooh... unpopular opinion because I neither love it or hate it. I like a decent layer of it on my toast occasionally, and I like cheese and marmite toasties. Also, marmite crisps and peanuts are delicious, but marmite cheese... blugh!!

So there you have it... my British Tag! I hope that helps you know a little bit more about me and my life and stuff, and you enjoyed reading this. If you fancy giving this post a go then do it and make sure you link your post in my comments, because I tag you ALL!!!
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