Sunday, 3 August 2014

Welcome to Sunday Summary!

Hello Everybody,
I like Sunday's, I don't know about you but I always associate Sunday's with being my free days. That day of the week where I can spend time with my family. Don't get me wrong, I hate the fact that it is the last day of the weekend, but I do really like Sundays. Another good thing about Sundays is that if you wake up feeling productive you can get a tonne of things done.
Today I woke up feeling productive, motivated and really really good. I woke up early too, but that doesn't matter because that means that I waste less time in bed, it means I can get more done, especially because I am feeling productive. In fact, I could sit here and probably write 10 blog posts for you right here, right now, but I'm not going to do that because that will just be stupid.
However, I am going to sit down now and summarise all of that great things that have happened to me this week, and I am going to try and make this a weekly thing. I am doing this because I generally don't think we spend enough time looking back on all of the positives of a week, and just end up dwelling on the week. Why we do that, I really do not know. But I feel as though, if everybody took the time once a day and just thought about their positives they would have a really positive life. 
I have been doing a positivity challenge on my facebook recently as well as many other people doing it too. I think the people that have got the concept and are trying hard with this challenge are generally feeling quite happy with life. There are also a lot of people who are still writing negative things in their positivity challenge, but I just think they need a little bit longer, just to sit down and make the way they view life a little more positive. Perhaps it'll take a month or so, but I think everyone can be optimists if they try hard. Take me for example, I probably used to be one of the biggest pessimists going, but after bucking up my ideas and trying to think of all of the good things going on in my life rather then dwelling on the smallest of things, I like to think now though I am one of the happiest people you will ever meet.
Now, after the longest introduction I have ever written *I told you I was feeling motivated* I will get on to my Sunday Summary. Welcome!
Let's start from last Sunday. Last Sunday was a pretty great day. I mean, firstly, I drove a car for the first time at a really awesome course called MORE16 which I highly recommend and I believe they do it around the country *England if you are unaware*. I learnt so much whilst I was there, not only did I learn how to start, steer and change gears in a car, I learnt about car maintenance, and the danger of the road. It has definitely made me excited to turn 17 because I now feel like I know enough to start my lessons. After the driving course my family and I went to my Grandad's house for some roast dinner, and who doesn't like roast dinner? Especially when you get prawn cocktail in the middle of the year!
On the Monday I helped my Nana out with looking after my little cousins. We had a lovely day playing on an artificial beach and then had a yummy picnic *I do love a good ol' cheese and tomato sandwich which is one of my Nana's classics*. We then went to a park for a little while, but the heavens opened. All was well though because my Nana and I took shelter in the sea under a tree whilst the kids ran around getting themselves soaked. After we decided that it was time to go home because it really didn't look like the rain was stopping anytime soon, I played with my cousins at their house, I played all of their funny imaginary games, until their parents came home and I could go home myself.
On the Tuesday I went around my friend Kerry's house. We had quite a good day doing nothing really, but sometimes those kind of days are the best. We played a few board games, because who needs twitter when you have board games, and Trivial Pursuit *Don't tell me you don't know what that game is, it is a classic.*. We did get a little bit competitive, but honestly the time flew by.
On the Wednesday I firstly went on the weekly shop with my Mum. Is it me or are weekly shops really enjoyable when it is hot outside? The fridge part of the supermarket is especially refreshing. My mum and I also went to a local Pub and had a delicious pub lunch which I thoroughly enjoyed. I highly recommend Hunter's Chicken at Greene King *winky face*. I also watched the England Ladies hockey on TV get to the semi-finals which I was very happy about considering they didn't have the best world cup.
On the Thursday I had my friends Kerry and Kelly come round and we made some delicious cake pops, and you can view the recipe here. We also had a lovely day just sitting around my kitchen table chatting about anything and everything. I also made the most scrummy parmesan crisps, which were so simple to make and I'll probably be making them all of the time now.
On Friday I had a fairly jam packed day. Firstly I made some lemon meringue pies which were a bit of an experiment but something that I would quite like to make for my A Level coursework- obviously with a bit of my own twist. After spending the morning doing that I watched the England Hockey Ladies win their semi-final which again I was very happy about because it meant they had secured a medal. I then went into town to pick up a few things from the local Supermarket, as well as get myself the book called, "What a girl wants" by Lindsey Kelk because it is the new sequel to the book "About a Girl" which I read and loved whilst I was on holiday a few weeks back. I then went swimming with my Nana, as I do every Friday evening. 
Yesterday was probably my favourite day because it was my Mum's birthday. After my Mum had opened her presents and my parents and brother went out for a short while, we had a yummy fry up made by my Dad with a little bit of my help. My Dad and I then spent hours working on a business project, designing logos, flyers and vision statements, which I plan on completing today. After doing that for quite a few hours my family and I went to a local Indian restaurant for my Mum's birthday meal which was very nice and we all had a good laugh, even though our eyes were definitely bigger then our belly's. Once we returned home quite late we watched the Ladies Hockey final and they played so well, it was so unlucky for them to have Australia equalize with them in the last 18 seconds, which sent it to penalties and they unfortunately lost. Although they didn't get gold at least they're coming home with a silver, which they should be very proud of considering the world cup didn't quite go the same way.
I hope you enjoyed my first Sunday Summary. See you tomorrow!
EmilyBelleBlogs x