Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Wisdom Wednesday #18 A little bit of motivation!!

Okay! It's time for a bit of motivation. Something to make us get up once and for all, and get things done! Besides, August for everyone seems to be a lazy month, whether you are at work or not, mainly because the heat and summer gets to us and we kind of forget that we still need to do things.
I for example, have only left the house twice in 6 days, and both of those times it was just to get some food, which probably isn't the healthiest of lifestyles. But, it is okay because I am feeling motivated, and getting things done all at the same time. Although, I probably should go and get some proper fresh air.
I believe it is very important to try your best with everything, even if it does mean giving yourself the extra push. If you have some work that needs to be done which you have big plans for but can't be bothered to put all of the hard work into, why? Firstly, that is just lazy, and secondly it is not working to the best of your ability. If you are not working to the best of your ability then you are wasting future opportunities, and you will probably regret it in the long run.
If we do our best in everything, no matter how much effort we have to put in to do so, then our futures could look so much brighter. For example, exams, you get out how much you put in. If you don't revise hard, you probably won't get the best result you want to achieve. But the same concept goes with anything. It's making bread, the more effort you put into kneading it, the better the bread will be.
Another reason I want to write this post is because, we also have a habit of leaving everything until the last minute. Meaning we have less time to put so much effort into what we want to succeed. This can also effect our work, quality and overall results.
I have experienced this quote first hand very recently, and that is here with my blog. I will admit that I have been putting a lot more effort into my blog, which I am thoroughly enjoying. But, because I have been trying a lot harder on my blog, I am getting a lot back. My pageviews are higher then ever, my followers are going up, more people are commenting, and I thank you all for that. But, I do personally think this probably wouldn't have happened without me trying harder on my blog posts. I am so happy you guys are enjoying my blog more, and it just shows, that what you plant now, you can harvest later.
I hope you enjoyed this post and it makes you perhaps try a little harder in everything you do from now on, because I believe that even knowing that if you try harder you will get more out of it, is very motivating.
EmilyBelleBlogs x