Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Wisdom Wednesday #19

Hello Everybody,
This is going to be the penultimate Wisdom Wednesday of this series as I do enjoy doing them in tens, because ten is a nice even number, and shizzle. I thought that it would be good for me to make this post extremely up beat and awesome, as a day that many people my age are awaiting and dreading is afoot tomorrow and that is GCSE Results Day.
One thing I would like to say before I get older people turning their noses at this post, I know that GCSEs aren't as important as A Levels, but there is an argument that they are because if we don't get good grades in these then we may not be able to do our desired A Levels and therefore may not be able to do our desired university course, so it is still a snowballing effect really. And they are important and just as terrifying to us... so BE NICE!!
I think that this quote has three meanings behind it so I am going to split this down so it is a little bit simpler for both you and I to understand. The first part of the quote is "Smell the rain, and feel the wind." Personally, I think this line is highlighting the important of mindfulness, which is something that a lot of us do not do because we have our head to much in future or past worries. It is important to practice mindfulness to live a less stressful and happy life. Being mindful is when you live in the moment and appreciate it. If you want to practice mindfulness a great place to do so is in the shower. Feel every drop of water as it lands of your skin, see all of the dirt as it runs down the plug hole. Listen to the spray as it splashes out of the shower head. It will put you in a meditative and happy place. Once mindfulness is practiced in one place you can go onto others until you feel mindful the majority of the time, you may even find that you become a nice person because you are being more mindful of others and not just yourself.
"Live your life to the fullest potential." is a huge deal. If we lived our lives to the best way possible we will live with less regrets and feel much more fulfilled with ourselves in later life. If you have a dream  chase it. There is no point thinking that your dream is too big, because I believe that nobodies dream is too big. At least if you try to chase your dream you won't die thinking that you never put your all into what you truly wanted to do. It is the same with everything in life, if you want to do well you need to do everything to your fullest potential.
Finally "Fight your dreams." This is so important, particularly for those who are receiving results tomorrow, or received results last week. Sometimes things won't go to plan, but if we take the rebound and come back fighting from our failures we will be the ones who are strong. Fight for want you want, and don't let anything take that away from you. You can do anything that you put your mind to, you just need to believe in yourself. Trust me, self-belief is the first place to start, and the rest of what you need to fight your dreams will come along faster then you ever imagined.
Good Luck and Toodles,
EmilyBelleBlogs x