Saturday, 27 September 2014

24 things... I love about Autumn!

Whoop Whoop!
I'm totes writing an exciting blog post for you all, well... hmmm... I'm excited, you don't have to be, but at the end of the day... LIFE IS EXCITING, so... you kind of should be excited. I'm writing a list of autumnal things, and if that isn't exciting then I don't know what is. However, I do have some exciting news, that I will tell you about soon, so keep your beady eyes out for that.
Source: Weheartit & Edited by me!!
1. Cosy Jumpers
2. No sweating
3. Wearing boots and cosy socks.
4. Evening snuggling with blankets and reading.
5. Jumping into big piles of leaves.
6. Conker collecting
7. Hot drinks, be it hot chocolate, tea or coffee.
8. Marshmallows, in particular... S'mores!
9. Candles
10. The smell of cinnamon sticks.
11. Carving pumpkins.
12. Hiking
13. Toffee Apples
14. Brisk breezes
15. Wearing hats, gloves and scarfs.
16. Hot dogs
17. Burrowing in blankets.
18. PIE!
19. More baking opportunities.
20. Halloween
21. Anything involving salted caramel... literally anything!
22. Dark lipstick
23. Cosy nights in with friends.
24. Watching raindrops roll down car windows... like literally, I love watching raindrops roll down car windows and guessing which direction they are going to go.
Can you tell I love Autumn yet? I thought so. I think this will be my last really Autumnal blog post otherwise I think I will bore you all to death, but what do you all love about Autumn?
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