Monday, 29 September 2014

Autumn Fashion Staples #teenblogseries

Hello Everybody,
I have a new #teenblogseries post for you all and this week I am going to be talking about Autumn Fashion staples, which I am quite excited about as I do quite often forget to write fashion related posts, even though I absolutely love fashion. 
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There are all sorts of boots out there that you can get, but my personal preference are ankle boots. There are all sorts of types... Timberland's, Doc Marten's, Chelsea Boots, Brown lace ups, they all look equally as great in the Autumn time, and they can also transition into the winter time too as they are so warm and versatile. You can literally wear them with anything, be it jeans, dresses or even a pair of shorts and tights. If there is anything you need to buy this Autumn it is a pair of boots.


People have different preferences for the size and shape of their jeans, for me, as I have quite a petite but tall frame so I prefer to wear skinny jeans, But in the autumn I particularly like slightly distressed skinnies, which is a shame because my school won't allow ripped jeans,

Mittens and Scarfs

I actually did one of my favourite blog posts on this last year, and that is about mittens and scarfs. Firstly, mittens keep your hands super warm, yet look 10 times nicer then normal gloves, and scarfs can literally change any look, there are so many different scarfs out there. From snoods, to cable knit, to little sheer dressy scarfs, they can all complete a look whilst keeping your neck warm all at the same time. You really couldn't ask for much more.

Cosy Jumpers

My final Autumn fashion staple has to be cosy jumpers. I love that there are so many different thicknesses of jumper now, that you can be prepared for any type of fluctuating autumnal weather. My favourite type of jumper are the thick oversized, pastel coloured cable knit jumpers, and I totally need to buy some more when I have enough money too. These are particularly comfortable when worn with some nice leggings.

I hope you liked this little fashion post.
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