Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Back To School Shopping Haul

Hello Everybody!!
I am back today with another Back To School post for you all, and this time it is a little clothing, skincare, makeup and bits and bobs haul, which I am very excited about. Before I start I should mention that I am doing a What is in my School Bag post on Saturday hopefully. I know that is a bit late, but my bag is currently 100 miles from me, so it's not really possible for me to do it yet.
I bought a lot of the things yesterday because I am going Back to School next week and also needed more clothes as I do not have a uniform for school this year as I am going into Sixth Form.


This is actually something I bought online before I went shopping with my friends yesterday, and it the world's biggest, furry, parka coat ever. It is so snuggley and whenever I see it I wish it was cold enough to wear it already because it looks so much warmer then the coat I was wearing last winter. I bought it from ASOS and it was reduced to £29 from £75, so it was such a bargain and I love it.


I'm pretty sure I buy this every time I go shopping so it wouldn't surprise me if these have been featured in a haul before, but I just had to make a quick rush to Bodyshop to pick up some more hand sanitisers. I love the smell of them, and they are super good for school, because let's be honest, schools can be pretty disgusting at the best of times. Not only that, but I was originally only going to pick up just the Pink Grapefruit hand sanitiser but then I was told they were on Buy One Get One Half Price and because I always repurchase them I thought I might as well pick up the Mango one whilst I am there as well.


I did have to have a quick stop in WHSmith whilst I was out shopping yesterday because I needed to pick up a 2015 blogging diary, because ever since I've been blogging everyday my creative juices have been flowing like crazy and I have already got blogging plans for January and February next year. I only bought a tiny black one, but it is the perfect handbag size and I really love carrying my blogging diary everywhere with me.


From Primark I picked up a couple of T-Shirts and I kind of wish I bought more because you can get so much for such little money, plus the Primark I went to is surprisingly nice. Firstly I bought a Jungle Book t-shirt because I love the book and the film and I am also a volunteer at a Cub Scout Pack, and if you didn't know, British Cub Scouts are Jungle Book themed. I also bought a slouchy blue t-shirt with white stripes. It's the perfect comfortable t-shirt for back to school and it was only £2.


From Superdrug I bought some large cotton pads because they are a necessity it any girls skincare pack, and I had just run out so they were kind of an emergency buy. I also bought a really pretty Barry M nail polish which I had seen people like Anastasia and Lilly wearing on their nails in their videos and I thought it was a really pretty colour and it is the Gelly High Shine nail polish in Rose Hip.


From H&M I bought a few more clothes that I kind of needed for my wardrobe anyway, so they weren't impulse buys or anything. The first thing I picked up with a green and blue plaid/checked shirt, which I really wanted for my autumn wardrobe and thought it would be great for when it cools back down when I am at school. I also bought a Disney jumper with Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and Goofy print all over it, as I wanted a Disney jumper for when I go to Disneyland Paris in February.


The final place I bought some bits from was Boots, and I really wanted to take advantage of the 3 for 2 offer on Simple Skincare. For that reason I bought the Simple Kind to Skin Replenishing Rich Moisturiser which I wanted to get as I was running low on moisturiser. I then picked up some Eyecare bits, I firstly picked up the Kind to Eyes Revitalising Eye Roll-on to help wake up my tired eye when I get back to school, and then on the offer I bought the Kind to Eyes Soothing Eye Balm.

I hope you enjoyed this very long shopping haul post and I will be back on Thursday with another post for you all. 
By the way, I thought I should tell you all the my blogging schedule is now Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, although I may occasionally do a special post on other days, but we will have to see.
EmilyBelleBlogs x