Monday, 1 September 2014

Best Foundation & Brow Routine for Teens #teenblogseries

Hello Everybody,
I'm not even daily blogging anymore, but I am still posting because, well, why not? Today's topic for the #teenblogseries is Best Foundation and Brow Routine for Teens. Now... I'm not 100% sure this is the best routine for either, but it is what I use and it works for me, so I guess that is all that matters.

Foundation Routine

My foundation routine is pretty simple really, I moisturise first, because I have heard that is meant to be good. I think it is to do with balancing the oils in your skin, but I don't really know, so don't count me on that. I then apply my foundation, at the moment I am using L'Oreal's True Match Foundation, which is actually a little heavy for my liking, but I am trying not to spend loads of money on unneeded products, however, if I was to choose my favourite foundation it would be Rimmel's Match Perfection. I then use Collection's Lasting Perfection Concealer on any blemishes, and under my eyes to hide imperfections and brighten my complexion. I tend to use my hands *they are washed before hand* for all of my foundation routine, because I'm not a big foundation brush fan, and feel like I get more of an even coverage when I use my hands.

Brow Routine.

Okay, firstly I tend to pluck my eyebrows once a month, I spend only a short while on each brow because I don't want to go overboard and I still want my brows to look natural. Next, when I am actually filling in my brows I like to cover them in Vaseline, I don't think anybody ever does this but it smooths them down and points them in the right direction, so it also means that any colour I add next applies better, plus, it works well for me. Most of the time I will then use my Eylure Brow Pencil to fill my brows in, and then use the spoolie to make the pencil blend in. But if I want more of a statement brow, then I will use an eyeshadow, usually two shades darker then my hair colour and use the Real Techniques Brow Brush to fill them in.

I hope you liked my routines, and it maybe helped you in some way, but please be aware that I am not an expert in any way.
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