Monday, 8 September 2014

Favourite Highstreet Shop (TOPSHOP) and Picks #teenblogseries

Hello Everybody,
I hope you are all well, and aren't too gloomy because it is a Monday which means it's the beginning of another working or school week. It's actually been my first day at school today: I would tell you how it went, but as I am sneakily scheduling this post I can't really, but fingers crossed my first day in sixth form went swimmingly.
In today's post I am going to be telling you what my favourite highstreet shop is and what my favourites bits there at the moment that I love and what I want to buy.
To be fair, this is probably like more of a wishlist for myself because I don't often buy a lot from Topshop, mainly because it isn't the cheapest shop on the highstreet, however at the moment it does seem to have the nicest selection of stuff and I really did struggle to narrow this list down. I would say that most of the things that I picked are very much transitional clothes for summer into Autumn.


For tops I have a mixture of t-shirts and shirts, with a mix of some pastel, monochrome and darker colours, which is perfect for the colder months. The first t-shirt I fell in love with was a pink scalloped t-shirt, which is perfect for transitioning summer into autumn, paired with some blue jeans and boots. I then have a stripy t-shirt with a pocket, which I think will look great with some black jeans and white shoes. I then chose two aztec type printed t-shirts which have quite warm and cosy colour tones in them, which also would look lovely paired with some high-waisted blue jeans and maybe some brown boots. My last two t-shirt style tops are both quite monochrome, one that is quite sheer and dressy and another that is very basic with white polka dots, but given the cute factor with an adorable collar.
I also fell in love with a few shirts, which is not surprising as I do currently have a bit of a shirt obsession now the weather is getting a tad cooler. The first shirt is black with a white double diamond print on it, and it looks absolutely perfect for cooler months and the print is so cool. The other shirt is a casual blue shirt which will look great with some jeans and a messy bun on days that you really don't want to make too much of an effort with.


There were only a couple of jumpers that I really fell in love with, however I will probably fall in love with even more when the weather begins to get even colder. The first jumper is a kind of mustard yellow, and I love wearing the colour yellow so it is right up my street. I also love how this jumper has ladders in it, giving it a more edgy and cool vibe, and it also makes the jumper a bit more casual. Another jumper I love is a little pastel blue one, which is super cute because it had a tiny drop hem, which I always thimk is super girly and flattering on myself.


Firstly, I fell in love with some Washed Black Jamie jeans, mainly because I love high waisted jeans because I can worry less about showing off my bottom to people when I am sitting down. But also because I think black jeans *but not too black* look really nice in the autumn months, especially if you want to be giving off a bit more of a monochrome look. Speaking of monochrome, I also fell in love with a pair of dog tooth leggings. I love leggings because they are super comfortable, so these are just perfect for me.


My final picks from Topshop are some socks, because how can you go into Topshop and ignore their 3 for £8 deals. The first couple of socks I loved are both frilly, one pair is black, because I believe they would look really nice with some black shoes. The other pair of frilly socks I liked are just some simple blue ones. I also liked some long socks, one pair which is are white with a black grid pattern on them. I also liked a cute pair that have doughnuts on them, because... doughnuts.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will speak to you all tomorrow.
EmilyBelleBlogs x