Monday, 15 September 2014

Healthy Diet Tips (not a recipe) #teenblogseries

Hello Everybody,
It's another #teenblogseries post today and I am writing a healthy recipe healthy diet tips blog post. Okay... so the proper theme was to do a healthy recipe, but I've decided to rebel and do something a tiny bit different, and write about my healthy diet tips. I'm hoping I can motivate you all to eat a little bit healthier, as I do like to think I eat healthily most of the time.
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Eat more Fruit and Veg!!

To be fair, we are probably all probably sick of hearing people telling us to eat more fruit and vegetables, but it really isn't hard to start getting into better fruit and veg eating habits. Switch out your packet of crisps in your lunch box with another piece of fruit, not only is it more nutritious, but it also gives you much more energy then a bag of crisps would.
Trust me... you don't have to have the boring old banana if you don't want to... there are plenty of different fruit to try from, and if you don't want to fork out on more exotic fruits, check the back of the supermarket for the rejects because they don't fit sizing standards. They might be cheaper, but they taste exactly the same.
Also, buy some dip for your vegetables. One of my favourite snacks is to have is a platter of vegetables (carrots, pepper and cucumber-yes I know it's a fruit) with a low fat hummus dip. Not only does it taste great but it is also super filling and will count for some of your 5 a day.

Drink more water!!

Okay... we all say it, but how many of us actually do it? How about you try new ways of drinking more water? For example, set certain times of the day that you drink a pint of water. Have one in the morning before leaving for school, drink a bottle whilst at school, have another when you get home from school and have another with your dinner. It is a quick and easy way of getting into a good habit, and also won't get in the way of your day, because you will probably only have to go for a wee in your breaks.

Use the Eatwell Plate as a guide.

As an AS Level Food Tech student of course I had to put the Eatwell plate somewhere in this post. It is the easiest guide you will ever have to use to ensure that not only you are eating healthily, but also for you to ensure your diet is balanced. Besides, for your diet to be healthy you need to ensure you are getting all of the right food inside you.
No! Believe it or not completely banishing carbs from your diet isn't healthy, you need to have some in your body to replenish energy. Just ensure you are eating the right type of carbs, for example, swap your white bread for whole grain, etc.
I hope this post helped you in some way, and that you begin to think about healthier food choices from now on, and if you would like to view some of my healthy food recipes, then you can find some here.
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